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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New leaked New Moon trailer!

if i hadn't read the book, i would've been horrified and thought this was a horror movie. they didn't explain that bella was screaming in her bed because of nightmares, and not Chinese water torture.

I love Jane (Dakota Fanning) at the end! "This might hurt just a little." HAHAHAHAH!

anyways, 8th grade has been okay so far. it's fun watching the new scrubs look worried all the time. We still claim our lunch area, which is good. i gave a good speech in History class on Friday, and got 100% on our first English vocabulary quiz. I think i did well on my Geometry Honors assessment test.

Planning on going skating for the first time in months today at Lakewood so that i wouldn't run into my coach and be seen doing horribly.

Off to study states and capitals! Quiz next friday.