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Thursday, January 29, 2009

cirque du soleil shows

yay! tomorrow morning i am going to vegas! (which reminds me, i need to pack! because we're taking off early in the morning so that there's no traffic) anyway, we're going to watch the cirque show, KA at night, and i'm v.v.v excited!

here are all the shows i've seen:


maybe another one? i can't quite remember......

Sunday, January 18, 2009


i just got back from skating at paramount where i twisted my ankle, 3 minutes into my lesson. i was doing and axle (without the harness), and i fell, with my right ankle in a really weird direction. I didn't know this, but when i fell, my right blade scratched the back of my left thigh, so now there's this ginormis scratch. for some reason, when i look at the scratch, i think of Scar from the Lion King. maybe because, you know, a scratch is like as scar [HAHAHAH].

but anyway, my current injuries are:

still sprained wrist,
twisted ankle,
new scab on knee,
still bruised knee,
scratch on thigh.

so about my new scab: today i was running upstairs, on the carpet floors, when i suddenly slipped and fell because i was wearing 妈妈's slippery socks. who knew that carpet could damage your knee as well as pavement?

and my bruise: i've had it for more than 2 weeks!! i can't believe it's still there. maybe it's because i keep falling on it, or something, but it hasn't changed since the last time my coach and i worked on the harness at Paramount. (either 2 or 3 weeks ago, my memory doesn't go that far)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


i am V. V happy right now because i just burned my first CD! it was so easy! took 3 minutes! it's a CD for 妈妈, she has a braces presentation coming up. I can't believe i never burned CD before. it's so much fun!!!!!

Chinese New Year is coming up soon, i think it's the 26th. Happy Year of the Ox, 姐鸡!

I just realized that there aren't many school days this month:

we had winter break up until the 5th; friday, the 9, we had a half day because of winter formal that night; next monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day = no school; and Next, Next, Next friday (the 30th), is a Student Free Day, where i will be visiting 姐鸡 and Colosseum in Vegas, watching KA with 妈妈 and Daddy!
So, in total, i only have 17 1/2 days of school this month!

By the way, i found out that the famous actress/singing skating girl at the rink is Jennette Mccurdy. She plays Sam on iCarly and has a movie and an album coming out. She's also been on A LOT of other tv shows and movies.