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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Huancayo Day 8

Fabulous day today. School was good. Something weird that happened today (i'm going to copy and paste my emails to Vivian & Jieji):

today samara and i went to the mall after school and on the way home, we got kinda lost and then this peruvian kid started stalking us and we were like wtf and we walked faster and he walked faster and then we stopped and let him pass us and then he walked REALLY slowly in front of us and kept looking at us. and then we crossed the street and he crossed the street and we stopped to look at a cat and he came closer and hid behind a pole and then he kept following us into the neighborhood and we were like wtf and there was a party across the street and men were drunk and yelling and we were like oh shit and we ran inside the house and watched the boy from the window and he was just standing outside... SO CREEPY ;__;

But other than that, Josy brought a bunch of nail polish to school and we had a nail-painting party and all the kids (boys included) were fascinated with the nail polish. Everyone demanded manicures. Even the boys.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Huancayo Day 7

Today was such a fun, fun day! Josy and Cody arrived today but they'll only be here for 2 weeks. We went to school and everything, but the morning kinders are off for vacation for two weeks. ):

I had my first Spanish lesson with Lesly during the afternoon.

Tonight we're going to watch The Princess Bride on Netflix from my laptop and eat popcorn heheh!

I LOVE PERU! I realized that I don't miss home at all and I love all the girls here and the kids and the environment. I don't wanna go home, but I can't believe my stay is already 1/3 of the way over.

Playin with the kids :D

Got to wear my new alpaca legwarmers today!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Huancayo Días 5 y 6

Día 5 era muy mala porque tenía diarrhea y estaba un poco enfermo. Pero ahora estoy mucho mejor. Let's not talk about that anymore. I basically stayed in bed all day only to get up like 30 times to go to the restroom. No comí nada; sólo bebí Electrolyte y Gatorade. I have no pictures for day 5, because, frankly, I did nothing except go to the restroom and sleep, if you count those as activities...

Moving on!

Today I felt a lot better-- very dizzy and lightheaded all day, but no more explosive diarrhea or migraine. Fui al Domingo Mercado con Adele, Anne, Nicole, Samara, y Mari. Compré una mochila muy bonita de alpaca y dos pares de calcetines también de alpaca. Samara es muy buena en la negociación, jeje.  Después, fuimos al festival de Santiago y miramos un concierto y muchas comidas y animales. ¡Yo miré cuy (guinea pig) por la primera vez! Todavía no he comido por 36 horas. ): Pero Samara va a cocinar tacos y guacamole para la cena. Ojalá que pueda comer.

Fotos de hoy:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Huancayo Día 4

Hoy era marvilloso. Anne, Samara, Tino, y yo fuimos a hacer en bici (montar en bicicleta) en las montañas Andes. La vista era magnífica. Estaba (y ahora estoy) muy cansada porque la altitud tiene un grande impacto en mi respiradora. ¡Lo veo un llama por la primera vez! Nosotros visitamos muchas tiendas de artesanías. Que bonitas. Yo compré una maraca y aretes de llamas. 

Para almuerzo, nosotros comimos el mejor plato en mi vida. Se llama pachamanca, y es un plato típico de Perú. Todo era cocido en la tierra con rocas en llamas: el carne (yo pedí cordero-- muy sabroso), humitas (como tamales dulces), papas, papas dulces, y habas. Mmmmmmmm.

Fotos de hoy:

Todos son hecha a mano. Muy finas.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Huancayo Days 2 + 3

The internet got turned off yesterday before I could blog, but yesterday, I:

-went to Tinkuy Mountain School and sat in a bunch of the English classes.
-fell in love with the kinders. ¡que lindos!
-got rid of my headache
-watched Tino teach Anne how to weave
-drank brandy with coca leaf, herbs, and limón
-felt like i was on fire afterwards

Picture evidence below:

Today was even better than yesterday:

-1st period, there were only 2 girls because all the students had exams or vacation and did not attend school.
-watched the kinders put together an alphabet puzzle during recess
-got made fun of for my chinky eyes
-got asked a million times if I am from Japan
-drew in my notebook with Heidy
-went to Western Union Bank at the mall to exchange my dollars to soles
-bought some yogurt at the supermarket, cause I've barely had any dairy since I got here
-had an absolutely WONDERFUL 2nd period afternoon class. a few girls my age asked me to teach them Chinese during break, and then I stayed to teach my own class. We learned a few dining room phrases and discussed when to use "have been." Afterwards, we got talking and I ended up finding out that these girls are obsessed with KPop. It's mind-blowing. They know more Korean bands and songs than I do, and I'm Vice President of Korean Club....

El festival de Santiago is coming up, and it's the absolute biggest holiday/celebration in Huancayo. There will be partying and parades and music and Peruvian flags flying about and awesome festivities for the rest of the month! ¡Vive Perú!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Huancayo Day 1

I've just completed my first full day in Huancayo, Junín, Perú. Here are some shots from the balcony of the house:

Short summary of my day since I really need to go to bed now:

-6 hr car ride from Lima to Huancayo. Threw up and really had to go to the bathroom.
-Got to the house and had diarrhea.
-started drinking mate coca te (tea made from cocaine leaf)
-slept for a long time
-ate lunch and met the 3 other volunteers (Adele, Anna, Nicole). The food was great: potatoes, chicken, and rice
-went back to sleep
-ate dinner of fried banana, fried egg, bread, and sausage
-showered, had some downtime, internet-ed

now off to bed!

tomorrow I will go to the school at 8. so excited!