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Sunday, December 7, 2008


today, while mama and i were shopping for new pants for me ( all my old ones are getting small), we passed by 2 Chic-fil-A s! First, at the Cerritos mall, and then at Long Beach towne center. and each time we passed by one, i would cry out, " EAT MOR CHIKIN!!!" and ma ma would say, " i think you look like a chicken. [我看你像个 chicken]"

in the end, mama and i only bought 3 pairs of pants for me, but we were hoping to also buy gifts for the world and a skating jacket for me that doesn't have an annoying hood that keeps flopping over my head when i attempt to do a flying camel spin, shielding my eyes so that i can't see where i'm spinning, and end up on my butt. (thankfully, with at least one butt pad on.)

also, while we were shopping at forever 21 today, i saw some of the cutest dresses and jackets/coats, one of them looking kind of like this:

however, i of course could never afford such luxury.

but that's okay, because i'm a smart kid, and i don't waste my money. i EAT MOR CHIKIN!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


whitney is going great for me. i love almost all my teachers, and whitney. my classes are fun.. and blah blah blah.

today i was cleaning my desk that had been piled up with unknown materials 3 feet high. i found a pro's and con's chart i made in 6th grade about going to whitney:


  • close to home- can walk
  • looks good on college apps?
  • top 12 school of america
  • smart kids
  • 7th graders can see high school
  • good education.
  • Pressure/ stress
  • Not a lot of friends get in
  • strict teachers
  • extra homework / projects
  • too much homework
  • seniors pick on 7th graders.
Now that i look at my lists, it's really quite amusing! almost all the cons are untrue! there is actually less pressure and stress at whitney. In elementary school, i felt 10x more stressful because i wanted to be the best at writing (which is not such a bad thing) to get into whitney. but now i'm here! i have already established my expectations of myself in elementary school, so all of the hard work of meeting my expectations are over. i will forever be soaring above! :)

Also, Carmenita kids get about twice as much homework as we do! i was shocked at the amount we got, though it's probably just us, wittmann kids, because we were trained by the evil ms. lopez to have at least 5 hours of homework each day.

i think next year i will join the volleyball team. i really wanted to this year, but i didn't have time. perhaps, over the summer, i will plan all my activities so that i will be so organized that i will have to look for frustration. HEE HEE.

but now that i think about it, how can i fit volleyball into my hectic schedule? i have piano, skating, 古筝, and i would like to add art, violin, study time......... how does one fit so many activities in a mere 24 hours/ day, 7 days/ week, 4 weeks/ month, and only 12 months/ year? and pretty soon, i will have to apply for colleges, and when i get into college, i won't be able to do anything anymore....

which is why i have already begun studying for the SAT's. i know you're thinking that it's ironic and absolutely unnecessary, but i would rather be studying ironically ahead of time than be panicking in the future and trying to squeeze in all the studying 2 weeks before the test.

my fingers are just about freezing off the keyboard, so i think i will go warm them up under my butt. ciao!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

twilight soundtrack came out today!!

hahaE! i am taking advantage of my newly found way of posting videos! it's called embedding. here is a music video from the twilight soundtrack, called "Decode" by Paramore:

Monday, October 20, 2008

final twilight trailer! :(:

you see the sad/smiley face up there? you're probably wondering why i'm not absolutely super-duper thrilled that the final trailer is out, which means that the movie is coming soon (november 21), right?

well, to be positively honest, i feel like the trailer i just watched for the 11th time is... not as great as i hoped it would be. first of all, what's witht the opening music? it's kind of calm and eerie at the same time, and i like that eeriness, but it's a little to weird and peaceful. it just doesn't set the mood right. when i was reading twilight, i was really excited, with adrenaline running through me the entire time. second of all, can i just mention that i HATE all of the cast members? especially BELLA. her face is okay, her lines sound fake, the way she says everything makes it sound like the opposite of what she's saying. for example, when edward asked, "are you afraid?" she said, "no," but her voice was like, shocked and scared sounding, and her face looked frightened. her voice is so irratating in the beginning too, " you're impossibly fast and strong," sounding exasperated! and the part where bella says, "vampire" the close up on the bottom half of her face is disgusting. especially since you get to notice the un-symmetrical-ness of her lips and her ugly teeth. but bella's not the only problem, edward is not so great either.

i understand that there was a lot of pressure for filming this world-wide bestseller, and making all the cullens look gorgeous, and whatever. so, i decided that edward didn't have to exactly look beautiful and godlike, but that doesn't mean he should look LAME and CREEPY and have a TENESSEE-N ACCENT! "ma family, whir diffent fram othas of a kind" makes me want to rip my hair out. for instance about the lameness, did you see his sunglasses? the cullens are supposed to be rich and have really expensive and nice apparel. those glasses, against his pale skin really really bothers me. perhaps i'm just paranoid because i'm not so pleased with the other cullens, either.

Rosalie should at least look some-what pretty, and not old and ugly, no offense.

jasper seriously looks scary. he looks drunk in all of the family pictures, and his hair looks like an owl's nest.

the only character i like is Alice Cullen. she looks so cute :) i love her hair!

more criticizing on the trailer below:

I just watched the beginning again, to refresh my memory and utter disgust. could the words BE ANY CHEESIER? "Nothing will be the same" "FOREVER." "BEGINS" "NOW" was so annoying. "forever begins now", especially, because the words came zooming, with little scenes in between, it was way too fast and it felt like they were over-trying to make it look good.

and the part where james first sees bella goes by wayy too fast. especially for people who don't know the story and lines by heart, it's really hard to comprehend what's going on. it's hard to even get that james is a vampire, and the bad kind. and when laurent says, "he's got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal," you don't understand who's he's referring to. for us, twilighters, it's obvious that he's warning the Cullens about James.

Now that i'm done with telling you how terribly horrible the trailer is, i sort of feel bad and guilty. i am a loyal twilight fan, so of course, i would like you to know that there are a lot of good parts for me to rant about as well. i like how the words are in silver-ish blue, especially "11.21.08" it looked really cool when the light was coming through it. i also think that most of the scenes that look really dramatic and cheesy in the movie while they are acting, would look really nice in a picture, instead. For example, the very last clip where it showed only edward and bella, their expressions looked really good and realistic.

Although there is a l ot of good stuff in there, and i'm still fairly excited about watching the movie, and i encourage everyone else to watch it as well, i cannot continue my review since there is grape fruit covering my hands and mouth, due to me trying to type while eating. daddy is also sure to be mad if i don't get the stickiness off of the keyboard.


ps. link to trailer -->

Sunday, October 12, 2008

whitney update and teen ink

i know i haven't posted a blog in a v.v. long time. but just a little update on whitney:

not what i expected! it's much easier than i had anticipated, but i should take that as a good thing. however, i WAS looking forward to more challange, so i am i little disappointed.=/ i look forward to visiting Wittmann this tuesday, which is a minimum day. I can FINALLY go visit my beloved little buddy, whom i had been wanting to visit since summer.

Teen Ink: i am submitting work to get published! :) so excited! so far, submitted an essay about europe last year, and i want to send in my drawing of the flower, and the picture of my pants :D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008





now i really have a feeling that somebody -ahem, ms. lopez- wrote my grade wrong. i probably got a 4 instead of a 3 on my writing test because otherwise, how could i have gotten my acceptance letter so fast? it's only the 5th of august! my letter should've come on the 15th or the 25th! BUT ANYWAYS, I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

but daddy came up with a sou idea: i shouldn't tell anybody about my acceptance so that they get surprised when i show up at whitney instead of carmenita on the first day of school.

huhn. i don't think so. but i won't tell anyone unless they ask me, so it doesn't seem like i'm bragging ;D

Friday, August 1, 2008


as most of you know already, we recently experienced a 5.4-magnitude earthquake here in southern california, with the epicenter in Chino Hills. This was pretty much the biggest and the only earthquake i have ever felt. i mean, i was just sitting here, where i am right now, in front of the computer, when suddenly, i heard metal or glass screeching downstairs. at first, i thought 小宇哥 was doing something funny downstairs, like making his computer blow up. however, i heard the back door close, so he went outside. immediately following, the entire house started shaking about a mile a minute! i could hear our chandeliers downstairs clinking together furiously, and the shelf of antiques and owls and monkeys started wobbling and fell off. all the while, i was so shocked that i didn't know what to do, so i just stood there, by the stairway, eyes wide as i stared at our entire while swaying back and forth. As quickly as it had started, it stopped.

I'm not superstitious or anything, but does anyone agree with me that it's a tad bit freaky that the last big earthquake we had was in CHINA, and now we get one in CHINO? what's next? chinu? chine? CERRITOS?? ahh!!!

alas! do not fear! although the scientist are 100% sure that we will have another BIG ONE within the next 30 years, 妈妈 and i have made careful safety procedures so that we will not die in the house. we put water bottles in every corner, bought lots of food (that we ate already D:), and had test runs. do not worry, we will only stay here for 10 years more. i shall make sure that 妈妈 and daddy are safe and sound when i am away to college.

Friday, July 25, 2008

doggy delima: A Day In The Life Of Cindy pt. 2

okay, i don't really know what delima means, but i'm guessing it means a problem? sitch? whatever.
here's the part two of screen play:

cindy stands in front of whitney, waiting for signal to cross the street. light turns green, cindy proceeds to cross, making sure to look high and mighty while 10 cars wait for single petite girl to walk. upon reaching the other side, cindy forgets to go through the neighborhood instead of big street. ends up running home, fingers white from pinching nose because of overwhelming smell of invisible dog doo doo somewhere.

all of a sudden, cindy spots an orange ball of fur. searches bag for emergency glasses. forgets about glasses because orange ball of fur is running away at a speed of approximately 10 steps a second. cindy uses superintelligent brain to decide to run after furball. shivers with joy when she finds that the furball is a miniature pomeranian, just as suspected. unfortunately, it has a collar. name: joey. number: --- --- ----. darn. wishes to keep him, instead. joey is intimadated by beastly size of cindy. cindy uses super animal skills to lure joey by crouching down to the same size as him (or attempting to), and choking from the smell of doo doo. wonders if it is joey.

cindy (in soothing voice): here joey, come here. where's your mommy? tell me where you live. where does your food stay?

joey (looking at cindy with trustful eyes): ......
cindy (petting and fluffing joey's thick coat): okay, take me to your house. you wanna show me your house, joey?

joey understands, and turns around, tiny legs walking 10 steps a second, fur poufing all around.
leads cindy to blue house, sits and waits for cindy to press the doorbell. joey starts panting and yipping with glee upon seeing chinese owner.

chinese lady (to cindy): 唉!你在那里找到 joey 的呀?[[Ai! where did you find joey, ya?]]
cindy(wondering how lady knew self was chinese): 我在-- [[i was--]]
chinese lady (to joey): 唉!你这个臭狗。上哪儿去了?[[ai! you little rotten dog. where did you go?]]
chinese lady (to cindy): thank you soo much! i've been calling everybody for over one hour, i was eating breakfast this morning, and i didn't see him. where did you find him?
cindy (surprised that chinese lady can speak english so well): err. he was on the street, and i was walking home, and i just found him. he brought me here.
chinese lady: oh thank you, thank you. ai. let me have your phone number. thank you so much for helping joey. ai. i was so worried. -creases brow-

cindy gives phone number to lady, feeling happy about self. calls daddy as soon as reaches home. tells daddy of the great journey. five minutes later, after failure in trying to reach 姐鸡, receives phone call from unknown number.

cindy: hullo?
chinese lady: hello? is this cindy?
cindy: oh yes.
chinese lady: oh, i just wanted to tell you how much i appreciated you helping joey come back home. i was so so worried about him. but you know, how did you find my house?
cindy: oh, actually, joey brought me there. at first, he was walking towards my street, and suddenly turned back, and took me to your house.
chinese lady: oh, i see. ai. i am so glad. maybe joey knows how to get home. but still, i appreciate your help so much. do you have any pets?
cindy: oh no, i've always wanted a dog, but i only have [705] fish.
chinese lady: oh. maybe we will go visit you this weekend, then. give me your address, and we will go see you. i think joey likes you -chuckles-. i have 2 sons too. maybe they would like to meet their doggy saver.

-end of part 2-
look out for part 3 =]].

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Locks of Love & other organizations

Locks of Love is this non-profit organization that takes in donated hair (over 10 inches) to help make hair pieces for children under the age of 18 who have a medical condition that causes them to lose their hair.

i have now been growing my hair out for over a year in order to help this organization. in the video on Locks of Love's website, it shows that you're supposed to cut your hair at the nape of the neck (see link below). However, what if i don't want my hair to be that short? i still want SOME hair! but i guess they wouldn't know if i cut just a few inches below the nape.

visit to see how YOU can help!
here is the video link:

another organization i would like to mention is REVO.
REVO is a non-profit organization that is trying to change the world for the better. unfortunately, i don't know much about this organization, but i heard it from nigahiga. Here are a couple of videos where Ryan and Sean talk about REVO:

Furthermore, Green Peace is also one of my favorite organizations. i first heard of this organization in the Princess Diaries because Mia cares a lot about it. Green peace is another non-profit organization that helps to save nature such as fish, whales, arctic, and antarctic animals. Recently, GP sued for the killing of some rare wolf. :) check out their link:

And last of all, We Campaign is an organization in which i am very active in. It is an internet organization that helps spread the word of problems that increase our climate crisis. Join We Campaign today!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chinese fetish

Since a few years ago, people have been saying things like, "Chinese is going to become an important language soon". or "lots of people are learning chinese for... blahb blha blah blah blah."
To me, Chinese wasn't very important, because i had learned to speak mandarin since i was a baby. and i went to chinese academies until 4th grade.
i hadn't realized the significance of the language until very recently. When i found out that several of my friends who weren't chinese had begun to learn the complicated language. My Korean friend is doing pretty well, and he can actually type chinese to me on the computer.

Since i hadn't practiced reading or writing in chinese since my departure of the dreadful chinese school, i can barely read, and almost can't write anymore.

but have no fear! when the cindy puts her mind to it, she learns! i am now reading chinese comic books, and i'd say i'm doing pretty well. i am rereading 西游记。

Sunday, June 29, 2008

soak city 2008

current pain: face, knee, and feet. a souvenier from... SOAK CITY!

sarah, me, and hira spent most of the entire day at soak city, baking in the sun. it was okay, though. i mean, we didn't go on any scary rides or the pacific spin because the line was waayy too long. we would've gotten burned even more. -ouch-

g2g now. be good, y'all, and i'll continue my screenplay soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


well, as you all know, i'm planning on making clothing today. since i was v.v. bored this afternoon, i decided to put that plan to action. i thought i should just start out by keeping if very simple, so i took and old, sheer, white shirt, and began nonchalantly cutting. just a regular shirt with sleeves halfway to the elbow. very limited too-looking. after an hour of struggling desperately with the darn sewing machine, i gave up on all the complicated threads, and decided to hand sew my shirt. i won't go into details about that, but just to let you know, my shirt turned out to be a disaster. you could wear it, and it would look like an actual shirt, except it looked like an actual shirt from abercrombie. blkeh.

A day in the life of Cindy part 1

one of these days, folks, i may just write a screenplay of my own! here is a typical MORNING in the life of Cindy, in the format of a play:

cindy wakes up somewhere between 7:00 am and 7:30. opens eyes. blinks. pinches self to make sure self is awake. get up, eating breakfast.

ma: (in chinese) what are your plans for today?
me: i'm not sure.
ma: -grunt-

7:53, in bathroom, pooping. by 8 am, our bird clock time, sparrows start chirping, and i quickly run out of the bathroom, look frantically for book bag, and head out to whitney.

arrives in classroom 35, Algebra 1. manages not to get lost because it is the very first classroom one sees.

jonathon (boy sitting in front of me): hello.
me: hi.
jonathon: what did you do last night?
me: go to friend's house.
jonathon: what did you do afterwards?
me: nothing. live.
jonathon: oh.

mrs. kordova: alright class! i'm going to start taking role! by the way, did you notice that i'm wearing another math shirt today?
class: -silence-

proceeds with algebra functions until 9:00, class grows restless. break time.

random guy: hey, let's put allen in the locker again!
other guys: yeah! allen....
allen (very petite boy): okay, okay, just let me get my crunch bar so that i don't starve in there.

allen climbs into an orange locker, and let's rest of guys lock him in. stays in there until break time is over.

mrs. kordova: okay, guys, come on in! you guys are too noisy!

continues on with class.

10:00, everyone grows restless again. cindy watches nearby student graffiti on pencil case. 2nd break.

everyone goes to the student snack place. only a few people stay in the room, indluding me. i read my new book, THE SUPERNATURALIST. 10:10, break time over. everyone complains into class.

continue class until 11:00.
mrs. kordova: okay, it's 11:00. make sure to turn in your quiz. have your name on it. you can go.
(no homework)

i walk out whitney entrance, followed by carlos, a schoolmate, behind me. we make small talk.
carlos: so, eh, class was good today?
me: yeah, it was okay. much better then pre-al, though.
carlos: eh, really?
me: yeah.
-silence until we seperate-
me: see you tomorrow, then!
carlos: eh, bye.

be on the look out for pt 2!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

stuffed jeans and big fat smelly, nose-wrinkling white flowers

i stuffed my size 12-slim jeans from justice with pajamas and old undershirts to stretch them out...

my drawing of the flowers our zoo guests brought to us way back on may 18th. yes, i have pretty accurate memory. photographic, i believe. better than my photographer-sister's.

Monday, June 23, 2008


i feel like doing something, well, BIG this summer. instead of just going to Whitney Foundation academy in the mornings, piano on mondays, some skating, and lounging or playing the rest of the time. i AM planning on making clothes, once i get an inspiration of what i want to make. but, i recently got the idea of vlogging- video blogging, as in making videos and putting them on youtube for the world to see. like kev jumba or happyslip or nigahiga. i want to have the title of a comedian, but i guess i have to say and do funny stuff and rant. that'll get me a lot of subscribers :)). we'll see.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

summer... summer... SUMMER!

i've been meaning to update my blog prior to my promotion and the coming of summer. really, i have. it's just that i don't have a computer during the day that has internet. i can only use mama's laptop when she gets home. so anyway, for my graduation, i wore a super pretty black dress with black leggings from limited too (dress from ross). mama helped me change the dress a little bit because i didn't like the halter tying thingy, so we turned it into a strap. i made myself a bracelet and a necklace out of the beads that shiree gave me for my birthday. see pictures below.

for the actual ceremony, i received a presidential excellence award that contained a letter from Bush, a reflections contest award, a $10 target gift card, an olympic medal for sidesteps, and a promotion certificate. After the ceremony, at around 11:50, mama took me out to eat at Kabuki, my favorite sushi place. after that, i used my fake birthday coupon to retrieve a cheese cake fantasy, love it size, signature creation for free. yum :))

-hold up- let me back up a second. i don't think i told you about my trip to knott's berry farm. you maybe wondering why i did not put an exclamation mark at the end of the last sentence. to sum it up, i did not have that much fun. in fact, i was basically sulking the whole time. why? well, my group, which consisted of hira, shiree, justyn, and madelyn, did not like roller coasters. -sigh- hira had promised we two would go on silver bullet and ghostrider and accellerator, but we didn't. and we only went on four rides total. bummer. first, we went on the log ride, which was ok, actually. we had fun on that one. then, while justyn and madelyn went somewhere else, shiree, hira and i went on montezooma's revenge, which shiree almost peed in her pants on. then we went on a baby-ish ride called sierra sidewinder, which was not fun for me. out last rided was supreme scream. yay? you'd think. for most people, it would be super-scary. i think i inherited this from my sister, because the drop felt like nothing to me. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. but even so, shiree had cried. like really, tears falling out of eyes, cried. made me so mad. and even though we did have extra time to go on silver bullet, hira would'nt go. i think she was scared, but she just said that everyone said it was a bad ride, and she wouldn't go with me. of course, as i told you before, i could not go alone. i wish i picked a group with more boys in it. and then, even if they were scared, i could tease them and make them go on with me.

moving on... on the last day of school, it was supposed to be an all-day playing-with-water day. though the actual playing of water was super boring, and lasted for an hour, i was one of the chosen people who got to fill up water balloons, and that was fun. during lunch recess, which was my last recess in my entire life, shiree and i tried to hug as many people as possible, as in EVERYONE. it was fun. but then, when school ended, it was very depressing. people started crying because they didn't want to leave. i got a little teary during my parting hug with shiree. i might not see her again. i definently won't see hira. she's going to hascol middle school. i don't even know where that is. but shiree and i might both go to whitney... or not. you see, i've always been confident that i would make it to whitney for seventh grade. i mean, i HAD to. i just didn't see myself going to carmenita with all those non-smart people. but i got my grade for the writing test yesterday. shiree got a 4. i got a 3. i basically bawled my eyes out for the rest of the afternoon after brandyn left my house at 4:45 pm. it'll be harder for me to get in. unless i got a 600 in math, and 500 in reading, i probably won't get in. and it's hard for me to accept. mama agrees that it's not fair. they shouldn't judge you after one test, they should look at your entire grade in school and stuff. if they did that, i would definently be in.

but the good news is, is that i still get a dog. and i know which one i'm getting. he's a puppy in el monte. mama will drive me over on sunday to adopt him. i won't tell you who he is because then you'll want to search him online, and you'll find him, see his picture, and you'll be so mesmerized by his adorable-ness that you'll go to get him before me. so bleh-eh!

It's the first day of summer, and i'm bored already. i signed up for the whitney foundation academy today, and it'll take take place from june 23 to july 25, 5 days a week. i'm taking pre-algebra, and if it's too easy, i'll switch to algebra 1. it'll make my life more productive, even if i'm dreading it already.

i basically spent my day at towne center, reading 3 books at borders, buying myself a lunch of chicken wrapsalada from rubios, and a passion fruit juice w/ boba from tapioca express. yum, yum, yum. my day has concluded to where i am now. i plan on using the COW as my transportation, so i can go anywhere in cerritos, whenever i want. just bring some change. i also plan on making clothes.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, it's that time of year! yes, i am graduating on the 16th and 17th, this coming monday and tuesday. monday is our real promotion ceremony, while the last day of school is just a play day. after the promotion ceremony where we receive our monthly awards, olympics medals, reflections awards and checks, talent show awards, presidential awards, and other stuff. we also sing a promotion song, and the song we voted for this year is "Lean on Me". if you've never heard it before, it goes like this:

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow

** Chorus: Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you don't let show


So just call on me brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you'd understand
We all need somebody to lean on


If there is a load you have to bear
That you can't carry
I'm right up the road
I'll share your load
If you just call me... Call me... Call me... Call meee........

After the promotion ceremony, which will start at 8:30 AM till around 11 or 12, we can go home if our parents want to take us. YEAH! i have a birthday Cold Stone's free ice cream thing, so i'm planning on getting ice cream after lunch!

i'm graduating! i'm graduating elementary school! i remember last year, when i was such a quiet, innocent little girl. well, actually, i just looked innocent, but on the inside, oh, it's a different story! -evil cackle- but now, i'm really outgoing, and i talk alot, and since school's almost over, i'm trying to live up to the moment and really, really, socialize with people. especially during recess. now, i play football, handball, and basketball during recess, and shiree and i like to go around pinching people. and just yesterday, my friend brandyn came over to my house and then we went and played with angelo and one of his three dogs.

so at the the moment, things are going great! no homework, no stress, life feels good for cindy!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

over, already?

it feels like i've been floating along, knowing what i'm doing without really knowing. sixth grade-elementary school graduation is coming up in a week or something, on the 16th. last day of school is on the 17th. yay? it's not that i'm not thrilled to be finally getting on with middle school, but i'm really sad to be leaving all my friends and old memories behind. well, not really behind, since everyone is moving forward, but you know what i mean. i'll be sad. but the funny thing is that i'm getting all teary over leaving elementary school, just imagine what i'd be like leaving high school or college! especially since i can probably find my old friends easily during middle school, because we'd all still be living in the same tiny city of cerritos with the peculiar weather.

-sigh- signing year books was always my favorite part of the yearbooks. i'm always excited to find people thrusting them into my faces, asking for autographs. :) but i'm finding some... sadness as i scribble my name onto the paper, so i'm now signing my name with lots of love. :)) xoxo, love, cindy. for the past week, we've been given a during-class assignment to write a little note to everyone in our class, a compliment or something 1 or 2 sentences long. i spent a lot of time writing those, and i actually meant everything i wrote for everyone, so it infuriated me that my deskpartner, steven, was caught in the crime of writing the same thing to everyone. "cindy, i enjoyed being in your class. have fun next year." "steve, i enjoyed being in your class...." while i, on the other hand, wrote," steven, you are such an amusing and entertaining person, especially to sit next to. have fun shooting people with paper balls! xoxo, love, cindy". "samantha, i wish you came to our school earlier so that i would've gottten to know you sooner. you are such a fun, sweet, charming person to be around. hope we stay in touch! xoxo, love, love, cindy".

yesterday, friday, was our much-anticipated sixth grade dance! i was actually kind of surprised to find that many girls were wearing long, flowy skirts or dresses from nordstrom's, just to eat and have your ears get attacked by disgustingly american pop music. ugghh. i was, proudly, on the decoration committee, which was so fun, since i got to miss class for the whole week, in order to work on the decor. for the past about 5 years, the theme for the dance party has been "hawaiian/beach". however, we decided to do something totally and awesomely different this year, because we're special. hollywood/glam/disco! oh yeah! we made a big, awesome backdrop for taking pictures, which we charged $1 per picture for. we put up the hollywood hills and the hollywood sign up on top, a "groovy" limousine that's all '60's and hippy-ish, and a bunch of sequined stars against the black paper. coolio! shiree and i had to take pictures for the first 30 minutes of the dance, until we switched it to someone else. in the beginning, nobody came to take pictures, so it was cool that our committee had its own little secret hideout place, where the ultra-loud music wouldn't get us, and we could eat our amazingly-delicious nachos and cheese in peace. when the first group of girls came, we gave them props that we brought- sunglasses, hats, scarves, and such, and they were in position. just as we were about to take the picture, we realized that we had no camera. haha. so we went to find ms. lopez out in the dark, earsplitting multi-purpose room for the canon powershot. when we finally got the camera and once again, were going to take the picture, the camera wouldn't turn on. no batteries, so then we had to run around the school, desperately searching for AA batteries, while our customers left.

but the dance itself was pretty awesome, except the despisable music, of course, but shiree and i soon fixed that. :) one song that we knew, called "Apologize" by OneRepublic was playing, when she and i decided to mess around with the dumb lyrics. we ended up singing Happyslip's version of it, called "French Fries". here is the link:
so we were singing that song, with loud, off-tune voices, while everyone in the room was looking at us funny.

we did dance alot, mostly line dancing, like the cupid shuffle and the cha-cha slide. since we didn't know any of the othern songs, except for french fries, we mainly just ran around pretending to be busy looking for more food and drinks.

the day ended in exhaust, fatigue, and a bloated stomach filled with sour punch kids.

before i go, i just have to very subtly mention that... KNOTT'S BERRY FARM FIELD TRIP IS ON TUESDAY, WHICH IS IN 3 DAYS!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!! if you can remember, i told you last time that i had a problem with chris and people in our group, well that is all figured out, thank you for your concern. we have just decided to take justyn instead of chris, to make things easier for bathroom breaks.

school's ending... so soon... :(:

Thursday, May 29, 2008


before my sixth-grade year started, i vowed and hoped that i would have a year of care-free and no friends issues year. i had had enough in 5th grade. Ha ha ha is what i say now. i don't believe that's possible anymore. just a month or two into the new school year, amy, who was, really, my best friend, got kicked out of our "group". she was then placed with Shiree, who is still my friend now. speaking of now, our "groupie" consists of me, Hira, and Shiree. of course, priya and samantha are just normal friends who play with us sometimes, although we have issues with priya. but anyway, yesterday and today were one of the best and worst days of my life. why? well, shruti is officially out of our group. ahh! i feel so free! and -cringe- why did i do that??? is what has been running through my mind. you see, about 75% of the time, i don't really enjoy being around her. she's too emotional, dramatic, gullible, lame, and a wannabe-ish person. and without us, she really is a loner. thruthfully and honestly, nobody likes her except for priya, who is always filling her in on everything we say about her.

did i mention that she was a WANNABE? she always says that she doesn't like those girls who gossip all day long and shop at abercrombie and talk on the phone 24/7. then maybe, she should'nt act that way as well! the first and last time i went to the mall with her, she wanted to go to abercrombie and buy skinny jeans and flats and pink converse. and you know how everyone hates her, and she has no friends? so whenever hira isn't hanging out with her, and she's hanging out with amy, who is hira's friend, shruti gets all upset, so she comes to shiree and i saying, "oh, i don't think hira wants to play with us anymore, becuase look, she's laughing with amy." and i'm thinking, " oh, i don't think hira likes YOU anymore, because, look, she HATES you!"

i don't think you could tell, from the paragraph above, but i'm actually the nice one in our group. i convinced hira and shiree many times to not break it to shruti so soon. but just yesterday, we ditched her once, during recess, and hira and shiree said that they couldn't stand it any longer. they HAD to tell her. so we made a comprimise. we would tell her on friday, so that we don't see her the next day, and she has time to think about it, get emotional, and cry. but after today, we won't need to. she confronted us during lunch, and so we told her right then and there. so she got emotional and started crying. great.

but remember, when i told you a few updates ago that WE ARE GOING TO KNOTT'S BERRY FARM!?!? well, for that field trip, you get into groups of 3 or more. you also, can never ever leave one person in your group alone. that includes going on rides, bathroom, etc. originally, before the whole shruti drama, it was going to be me, hira, shiree, and shruti, oh and chris. possibly priya and samantha too. however, after the "shruti drama", the only people she really has are priya and samantha, so she would probably go with them, and me, hira, shiree, and chris would go. until we discovered many problems. when we had the "talk" with shruti, she said that she still wanted to be friends with us, and that we should give her some time to change back to before she got on our nerves. we didn't want to, but we agreed anyway, knowing that we would never let her back in. however, at last recess today, she said that she would like to still be in our group for the knott's field trip. oh, snap. so we told her that we only wanted a max. of 5 people, because too many make it hard to decide where to go next, so it wastes time. she still tried convincing us to let her in, so we said we would "think about it". meanwhile, we hunted a guy-partner for chris, because of the no-person-allowed-to-be-alone rule. so if chris needs to go to the bathroom, we can't go with him. therefore, we needed to find a guy that chris liked, that we approved of, and who was willing to join our group. this was not as easy as we thought it to be. our first person we thought of was frank, however, his friend, simon wouldn't let him come into our group because he wanted frank in his group. so then, we went to mark. but mark wouldn't go with us unless his best friend, christian comes to. so when we finally allowed both mark and christian to come, stupid jeremy completely just came in and STOLE THEM! that is so unfair and mean! so right now, we've got no one. we've considered just making chris go to another group. we don't really even know why he's coming with us, but he wants to because we're one of the groups that are going on all the rides, and he knows us well. however, if we let him go, we've got 2 more issues. you see, shiree here, has a fear of "scary" rollercoasters. and again, with the rule, hira and i can't leave shiree behind, nor can one of us stay behind with her. therefore, we need at least a fourth person, which would be chris, but we can't find a partner for chris. so we're doomed. and also, if we let chris go, that'll give shruti and excuse to try and get into our group, and that just complicates things, because we really don't want to just say, "NO! we don't want you in our group, shruti!" you see how complicated our mid-life crisis is???

we currently, are still hard at work trying to find chris a partner. hopefully, we will find one tomorrow. best of luck!

Monday, May 26, 2008

1001 books you must read before you die

i was basically just surfing amazon for interesting books, when i saw this one book that was called 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. i looked at the synopsis, and it gave a couple of examples of books and authors. i've never even heard of any of those books or names! so i decide that i would start a list of my own. i will continuously add on books. This is in semi-alphebetical order. let's begin:

  1. Kate's Turn by Jeanne Betancourt
  2. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  3. The Princess Diaries III: Princess in Love by Meg Cabot
  4. The Princess Diaries X: Forever Princess by Meg Cabot
  5. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
  6. Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech
  7. The Wanderer by Sharon Creech
  8. The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech
  9. Granny Torelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech
  10. Bloomability by Sharon Creech
  11. Heartbeat by Sharon Creech
  12. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

  13. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
  14. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
  15. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
  16. The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Paterson

  17. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

  18. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

  19. Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

  20. Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

  21. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

  22. The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan

  23. Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
  24. The Tail of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
  25. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
  26. The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo
  27. Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
  28. The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
  29. Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah
  30. Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
  31. A Dance of Sisters by Tracey Porter
  32. Runaway by Wendelin Van Draanen
  33. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen
  34. What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones
  35. Olive's Ocean by Kevin Hankes
  36. The Princess Bride by William Goldman
  37. So B. It by Sarah Weeks
  38. Goose Chase by Patrice Kindl
  39. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
  40. Love Walked In by Mariso De Los Santos
  41. Girl With A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
  42. The Odyssey by Homer
  43. Wicked by Gregory Mcguire
  44. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks by E. Lockhart

Okay, although i only have 35 right now, there will be more to come as i read more!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

peculiar weather & twilight series

if you can remember, the last time i informed you about the weather in cerritos, it was about 100 degrees or so. heh, it seems like that was a millenium ago because it's about 50 degrees F right now. it's been raining on and off these past few days. strange, eh?

anyway, i don't think i mentioned this before, but i have been in love with the best series on earth lately. it's called Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. the first book is called Twilight, where the main character, Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her dad, Charlie because her mother is traveling to Florida with her new husband. Bella makes lots of new friends at her new school, but most importantly, she meets Edward Cullen. Edward is the most beautiful person she's ever seen, and his marble skin is as smooth and pale as.. well, marble. Later in the book, she learns that Edward is a vampire, and but his family is what they call vegetarians which means that they only hunt animals, and not humans. However, Edward works 100 times harder to not kill Bella because she has the exact type of blood that is Edward's favorite. Soon, they fall in love, but many dangers cross paths with them. and it doesn't help that Bella is a danger magnet, and gets saved by Edward millions of times.
In an interview, Stephenie Meyers said that this book is about finding love.

the next book, New Moon is about losing love. After a disastrous birthday celebration at the Cullen's place, Edward convinces himself that he must leave in order to protect Bella. he believes that he has caused her too much trouble, but Edward doesn't tell the truth of his departure to bella. He, instead, tells her that he does not love her anymore, so there is no reason for him to stay in Forks, Washington any longer. Bella is heartbroken, and for months, she turns almost inhuman. she has no emotions, she can't hear people unless she is asked a direct question, and there is never any light in her eyes of color in her cheeks. she also starts having repeating nightmares, which cause her to scream every night. but almost all the misery ends when she starts hanging out with Jacob Black, which she thinks of as her personal sun. Jacob is an old friend of hers, who was actually the one to tell her that Edward was a vampire. but Jacob only thinks it's a myth. no one knows the truth, except, possibly, Jacob's dad, Billy, who is friends with Charlie (Bella's dad). Jacob is not really the mature type. he seems to enjoy risks and extreme sports. When he teaches Bella to ride a motorcycle, Bella discovers that she starts having strange, but pleasant hallucinations. She hears and sees Edward, the love of her life quite clearly, and he warns her with his velvety sweet voice not to do any dangerous stunts. Before Edward had left, he made Bella promise that she would not do anything dangerous or hurt herself. but Bella breaks that promise and so many others just to hear her pleasant hullucinations. but when Alice Cullen, Edward's fortune-telling sister sees Bella jumping off a cliff, Edward is convinced that Bella is dead, so he tries to kill himself as well. Things do not turn out pretty. but it's another happy ending.

the third book, which i just finished to day, was definently not my favorite. Edward comes back, yes, and Jacob is a werewolf. vampires and werewolves are enemies. they don't trust eachother, so they are basically fighting for Bella. oh, and Jacob is in love with bella. things do not turn out pretty, especially, with another evil vampire seeking revenge, and trying to kill bella, Edward and Jacob must, somehow, work together to save Bella. but that only lasts temporarily, until the war is over. oh yeah, and the Volturi, which are the royal vampires, basically are also determined to stop Bella's heartbeat, but not to kill her, only to turn her into one of them- a vampire. but that's exactly what Bella wants. she would give up her human life to be immortal, to be with Edward forever. but Edward disagrees. he wants bella to live her human life to the fullest because he never had. in this book, Bella also discovers the stories and opinions of many of Edward's siblings, including the most beautiful person -or vampire- on earth, Rosalie, and Jasper. Finally, Edward and Bella come to a comprimise. Of course, Bella could become a vampire as soon as she graduates from college because she has Carlisle's (Edward's "dad")promise. however, she really also wants to be turned into a vampire by Edward. Edward's only condition is that she marry him first. this book's ending is not all that happy because the epilogue is told from Jacob's point of view, and he goes berserk when he recieves a wedding invitation.
in my opinion, Jacob should die and leave bella and Edward alone.

sorry, i don't know if my summaries of my favorite book's bored you, but i recommend these books to everyone! actually, a movie of twilight is coming out December 12, 2008. on August 2, i think, the fourth, and final book is also coming out, called Breaking Dawn, and i'm excited to see if Bella finally turns into a vampire. i know she would be extroadinary.

here is the link for the trailer of the movie. i actually think the trailer is pretty good, and the cast all look kind of like the description. the actress for Bella Swan is actually really pretty, even though Bella discribed herself as "looking like a broken down tricycle compared to Edward". Bella was described as very plain, but she looks pretty here!

merry weather to all!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


just an update for you on the weather here in LA. right now, the outside temperature in Cerritos is approximately 100 degrees. i am burning in my house right now, just after taking a cold shower. it's so weird because just last week, it was sprinkling and drizzling outside. well, i'm going back to work on my report. wish me luck in this heat!

All About Fun!~ almost......

just when i thought that the rest of the school year was going to be all about fun.... ms.lopez announces that we have to do i-search orals. great. i really don't mind standing up in front of the class and talking anymore, but after group orals with a reading project, she got impressed by our class's ability to think "outside of the box". so now, she expects a GATE (gifted and talented) report. only i can't think of anything that would impress her. i'm actually a pretty average kid when it comes to thinking, so i really don't know what i could do. my topic is on coconuts. really, how many exciting things can you do, talking about coconuts?? for my poster, i wrote "Coconuts & Palm Trees" in block lettering, and that took up about 1/3 of the poster. then i drew a palm tree on the right side that took upabout 1/3 of the space horizontally. i'm planning to drawing 3 big coconuts on the other side, with fast facts within them. but i don't know what facts to put that aren't too boring, but not too obvious. so far, i've got one fact: Coconuts were said to be named "grimace" by the early Portuguese sailors. i really want to finish the poster today, so that i can spend tomorrow thinking about how to impress ms. lopez. my oral report is on thursday. i'm anxious. but i know that i will do a good job because i always do. i'm a straight A student, except for that one time when i came back from Europe over winter break, and i had to do an oral the very next day. then, we had to do a game at the end, which i was unaware of, so my game turned out sucky. so i got a 3- out of 4.

but that won't happen again, because i'm determined to get a 4, preferably a 4+, but probably not, since i still don't know what to do! i mean, how impressive can coconuts get?? however, i know that after i get through this final report (if i do), my life is freed, and i will be playing for the rest of the school year. yay... but i just can't seem to get past this stupid report yet.

Friday, May 9, 2008

testing's OVER!

yay! i didn't realize that our state testings were only for 4 days. hehehe. the 3rd graders have to test for 10 days, but then again, they get candy, which they call "smart pills". but no, ms. lopez and the other sixth grade teachers "don't believe in candy and junk food". then why do we always catch ms. lopez with a large bag of lemon lays all the time? hmm? it's not fair.

i love post-testing days because the teachers all want to thank us for working so hard by doing some fun things. however, i don't think anybody had to work very hard because testing only takes about an hour every morning for 4 days for us, and then we don't have any homework after school to do. how is that hard? but anyway, we can just let the teachers think we worked are butts off, because yesterday and today, WE PLAYED CAPTURE THE FLAG! yup, that's right! most people don't know this, but capture the flag is my favorite game in the whole wide world, and i haven't played it since fourth grade. playing again made me remember how skilled i am at playing defense and tagging people out. my technique is to always aim for people's necks because once you tag them on the neck, they'll be sure to have felt it, and they can't lie and go, "no, i don't think you tagged me."

as the days crawl by, i am getting more and more anxious about recieving that letter that invites me to go to Whitney next year. even though i'm about 80% (or more) sure that i'm going to get in, you still never know? but for now, i can relax because we don't have nightly writing assignments to do, and we've barely gotten any homework at all for the past 2 weeks. however, i've been sick, with the fever the past weekend, and i'm still not feeling very well. cloggy throat is all now.

my skating is going okay. but to tell you the truth, i don't feel so great. i don't think i've improved very much for the past half year with lia, my coach. but today was my last lesson with her, because she is getting too busy with school, so now, i think i'm going to go for a more professional coach, like Karen, or Ming Zhu Li, who is Caroline's coach. i really hope to improve.

i can't tell you how excited i am about the rest of the year. with the sixth grade dance, knott's, and promotion, not to mention and ice cream party and 20-foot water slide, who wouldn't be?
i am thoroughly content with my life right now, except for 1 thing. although i didn't know her very well, i'll still miss my friend, katherine, who was new to our school this year, but is moving again. as in today. however, i will hopefully still be emailing her often, and i will miss her very much. BYE KATHY!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

crazy testing and dogs

In case you haven't noticed, ms. lopez is a bad teacher. however, she got even worse, and all the other sixth grade teachers have stooped down to her level of teaching as well. we've been crazily zooming through our math book because "it's better to get exposed to everything than to focus on one thing". well, we're zooming throught, and we aren't getting exposed to anything that makes sense, and we're not focusing on anything either. i really, reaally do not understand anything we're learning in math right now, and neither does anybody else in the class, but ms. lopez doesn't care one bit. she says that we're not trying to learn, but she's actually just trying to blame us because she doesn't know how to teach.

today was the first day of STAR testing. we start with English language arts, for 2 days, then math for 2 days. english wasn't that difficult. pretty easy, actually. it was mainly just reading comprehension.

now, for the fun part;the following are the dog breeds i want:
american eskimo
shiba inu

but i have to get a small one, so i'm thinky of going with a papillon. i love its ears. here's a picture of one:

i plan on naming it cheeko if it's a boy, and cheeka if it's a girl. :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I have to say, i've been pretty busy lately. i know what you're thinking, "How busy can a twelve-year-old sixth grader possibly be?" But really, there are so many things going on.

First of all, i am greatly relieved to have finished the whitney writing test and the middle school math placement test. However, we do start STAR testing next week. and that counts 70% for whitney. yikes! i am studying, studying, studying, and doing lots of extra work in order to make sure i do well in English and Math. In addition to testing, as if there weren't enough stress already, the teachers gave us another report to do. the i-search, which is the most important report of the year. wonderful. Oh well, i really enjoy doing i-searches, though. last year was a success since i did it on my favorite topic- figure skating, and earned a 4+, the highest grade you could possibly get. This year, since the topic has to be relative to the book we recently read called THE CAY, i chose to search about coconuts and palm trees. cute, eh?

FIELD TRIPS are the best part of school! we have two very exciting ones coming up. on may 5, we get to GO TO THE BEACH!! the other classes have already went, and they came back saying it was "totally narley, dude!"!!. we well get to learn how to surf, boogie board, and kayak. (i'm especially looking forward to the surfing part!) Next, sometime late may, or early june, we are GOING TO KNOTT'S BERRY FARM from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm!! we get into groups of 3 or more, and do whatever we want!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I CAN'T WAIT! i can't help it! ive been waiting for this day since.. since... i knew about it! but even then, i thought it was just a rumor, but no!!! BUT WAIT- there's a catch. if we don't turn in our report on time, which is due on the day of the beach trip, we don't go to the beach. that one's pretty simple. no worries there, but.... the teachers came up with a "brilliant" idea about a three strike rule. if you misbehave or don't turn in homework on time, you get a strike. three strikes, and you don't go to knott's. YIKES!. well, not that i have an issue with not doing homework, but you see... er.. i tend to be cumbersome and forgetful, so about once a week, i leave something at home, and now i'm afraid i'll do it again. :( but i'm really a terrific, most of the time, straight A student, so perhaps ms. lopez could make an exception? if not, i'll write her the best persuasive paper ever, and she'll be so dazzled and mesmerized by it, that i will be able to hypnotize her and make her let me go! aha! take that!

now, there's one last thing i'm overjoyed about.. I'M GOING TO GET A DOGGY! i've always wanted a dog, my entire life long, and now my life long dream is coming true!!!!!!!! well, almost. my parents will get me one if i make it into whitney. but of course i will! under my most accurate calculations, there is practically already a spot reserved for me in whitney! now, i checked out some dog books from the library a couple days ago while i was looking for coconut books, and i am thinking about a siberian husky, alaskan malamute, or samoyed. but my parents want a small dog, so perhaps a pomeranian, welsh corgi, american eskimo, or a pallion? or i'll get some kind of a cute little mutt from the shelter? oh, i know! i'll get a samoyed puppy, and tell Mom that it'll stay that small, and when it grows big, i go, "oops, didn't see that coming!"

despite the testing and reports, i actually love my life right now. it really couldn't be better. i love challeges, as well as rewards. so, parfait! woof! arf!bark! and bwack! bwack! (inside joke between me and jie ji)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Whitney Test

i'm quite nervous, excited, scared and relieved about this even, which will take place on april 24th. need to write, write, WRITE! i hope they give us a good topic, like the one they gave for the last district test, and not a ms. lopez- type topic. but i'm actually not that scared about the writing part. i'm quite sure i'll get a 4.

however, i need to work on reading and math for the star test, which counts 70% for whitney. the previous year, i got 600 in math, which is the most you can get, but if i want to get into whitney, i have to keep my math schore the same, yet also increase me reading score. although i performed in the "advanced" area in both tests. i was kinda disappointed because my reading went down. i got 450 last year, and the year before that, i got 492. however, i don't know how well i have to do on reading to get in. they might let me pass witha 492, but probably not a 450. so, to be on the safe side, i'm aiming for 500 and above.

star testing starts on may 1st.

by the way, on may 5th, we're GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!!!! the other classes already went, and everyone agreed that is was NARLEY. they all learned how to surf, kayack, boogie board, and other stuff. but shiree and i think that we are quite lucky to go in may, because it'll be alot warmer that when the other classes went, last monday. shruti tried rubbing it in, saying that it wasn't cold at all, but the sky looked pretty gloomy when they went.

:) :) :0 :] :D :D

Saturday, April 12, 2008

books :]


+ I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to Kill You
+Bratfest at Tiffany's--- oh wait! i've already read that!
+No place for magic
+The Luxe
+Chinese Cinderella
+Allie Finkle
+Criss Cross
+A Great and Terrible Beauty

all i can think of.. for now...

Friday, April 4, 2008

spring break. :(:

most people would jump for joy for it to finally be spring break. though i'm not jumping for joy, i'm ok happy. why aren't i super excited? first of all, i absolutely HATE doing homework over weekends or breaks from school. all of my spring breaks since fourth grade were spent at them cerritos library, reading books all day long. but now, i have to do this one "optional" math packet, and a reading thingy. if you've never known, if a teacher says some assignment is optional, they actually expect you to do it, because that's what "good" students do. and therefore, i HAVE to do it, because i'm a good student, and everybody expects me to. besides, although i hate to admit, it'd be a good review right before the CA STAR testing and whitney exam. the reading thingy is what i really don't want to do. a few days ago, everyone in our class had to pick a book out of a list, to read over the spring. easy, i thought, since i love reading, but that wasn't it. we also have to write in this journal. after reading each chapter of whatever book you chose, (in my case, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh) you have to write a summary, write a reflective, and draw an illustration, but stick figures are not allowed. ??? oh, AND, you have to COLOR the illustrations, or else, you get an automatic F. ??????

in addition, tomorrow is supposed to be my day (or 2 hours) of watching the ISU Figure Skating World Exhibitions, but no, i have to go to some dumb piano recital, and pay $10 dollars for a fake trophy that everyone gets. yeah, i have a cheap piano teacher. the exhibitions start at 3:30, but my recital starts at 4:00, so i probably have to leave the house by 3:30.

maybe if i jacked someone's iPhone, i could watch it...... or just any old computer. -wait- is it even possible to watch tv on the computer??

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Figure skating Worlds

The 2008 figure skating worlds was a bit of a disappointment for America. We only medalled once- johnny weir won the bronze at the mens. Kimmie meissner did pretty well compared to her last few competitions. she's had a pretty rough season. she got 7th place, i think, then bebe liang got 10th, and ashley wagner got 16th place.

oh yeah, jie ji- that japanese daisuke dude got 1st place in men's, i think.

although we did not-so-great at the senior worlds, america led a ladies sweep at the junior worlds podium where rachel flatt won 1st, then caroline with the silver medal, and our us ladies champion, mirai nagasu, 3rd.

well, that's all for now =]

Thursday, March 20, 2008


btw, i think i forgot to mention that it was my 12fth birthday yesterday. but my party's on saturday. saturday is a great day for a party because tomorrow, friday, is good friday, and sunday is easter! so most people take the weekend off, and have nothing to do, but to come to my party!

something funny...

at my reading comprehension class, i read a story about an experiment of peer pressure. You were asked to volunteer in a study, there were 8 people. you guys were brought into a room, where they were asked questions that were really easy and obvious. "is this line longer, or is this line?" and there was always an obvious significant difference. you guys sat in a straight line, and were all asked the same question, and each person gave their answer, one at a time, starting from one end of the line, to the other. you are number 7 in line. you were puzzled at how simple the questions were. you looked around the room, and everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing. then, around the 5th question, the first person answered incorrectly. next, the second person answered in correctly as well, then the third and fourth. "what's wrong with these people?" you think. when it comes to your turn, do you answer correctly, or go with the flow, and answer incorrectly, like everyone else?

everyone except you were actually "phonies" hired by the scientist to answer questions incorrectly. the scientist that conducted this experiment found that most of the people answered incorrectly as well. however, some people challenged the crowd, and even got angry. one person even commented, "what kind of funny farm did you turkeys grow on?!"

the end :)


well, first of all, we just got our computer back. daddy did somethin' funny with it, then the whole darn computer shut down and went blank. just like that, all our files, documents, pictures, music and junk were gone. but then, daddy and xiao yu ge, 35 year old cousin who lives with us, were able to take it some place, and they recovered it! only, we're missing a thingy that is supposed to bring our stuff back, and once we connect the Thingy, all our files will *kaboom* appear again! :) but at least i'm exposed to a computer now...

but here's the bad news.. that has nothing to do with the computer. my good friend, John Shin is leaving. moving to LA. just like that! he never told ANYONE! I was so shocked when ms. lopez told the class, that for a while, i thought they were joking! i was thinking of going up to john after class, and saying, "yeah, nice one," but it was true! he promised to teach me how to skateboard like a pro over the summer! like that's going to happen now... but what was really sad was that i think he was mad at me or something because he didn't even say good bye to me. he was too busy with his friends and "the crowd" of popular stupid people to notice me. over this long weekend, he'll be gone. he was really funny, too. not the i'm-trying-so-hard-to-be-funny-that-i'm-lame type of person, more like i-just-am funny person. he really added more humor and spice to my life. and even though i got angry and frustrated a lot at his, he really was there and listening to me when i had fights with my friends, shiree and shruti. when i talked to him , he didn't interupt too much, nor was he silent the whole time. it was like what i said really mattered.
now i realized that most of time i was the one talking, which is strange, because i'm the shy one. i really didn't get to know him, as well as i thought i did. i liked how he called me Cin. no one's ever called me that before....

Thursday, March 13, 2008


my current state: right hand hurting due to writing waaayyy tooooooo much.
today, we were assigned to write a 500 word essay on anything we liked! this is always my favorite topic! and every single time, i get carried away, because really, i love writing, just not about useless topics! so from about 4:45 to 6:15, i've been writing away about my fabulous trip to europe last winter. :) <3. so what was supposed to be about 2 1/2 front-and-back pages, ended up being 5 1/2!! which was about 1,000 words! yippee! the reason why i'm so happy is because....

yesterday, after reading my terrible no-effort essay, and many others, ms. lopez got infuriated! she started yelling and lecturing us about how if we don't start trying, we won't make it into whitney. what i thought was really mean was when ms. lopez asked, "now, who here actually wants to go to whitney?" many people raised their hands. first, she attacked the people that didn't raise their hands, like my friend, krystal, and that just got her even madder! then, she attacked the people that did raise their hands, and the first one was my friend, Dan. "You want to go to whitney? you?" she emphasized "you" like it was disgusting to say. and dan replied, "er.. yes." "well, you certainly aren't showing it dan. the grades your getting now are Cs and Ds (which is not actually true). If you think your going to get into whitney, you getter start trying!" that ms. lopez really insulted dan, and practically said he wouldn't get in. then, she got to me. now, i really didn't think she would say much about me because i really, was a good student. i almost ALWAYS did my homework, and I usually get As. But she said, "so cindy, you want to go to whitney?" "yeah," "you have your nose in a book all the time, but why are you being so lazy in your work? you should be Acing things!" and i muttered a "grumph. hnuh. jebah chabah." but she didn't hear me since she was too busy scolding someone else. later, dan said to me, "see ya at whitney cindy! we'll show ms. lopez!" and krystal said, "yeah, when we come back to visit this school next year, we'll spit in her face!"

so you see, i know i'll get a 4 on my writing tomorrow, and i'll show her!

Monday, March 10, 2008


so happy today! it's only 3:55 pm, and i've already finished my homework! apparently ms. lopez forgot to assign us writing today, so we only had to do 21 problems of math!

on saturday, the CM theory test, i think i did OK. it was, actually, i little difficult since i forgot how to draw a half rest, couldn't remember if Kabelvsky was from the romantic period or classical, and didn't know what a melodic minor scale was. so at the most, i would've missed three, which i think, is still enough to make it to the state performance. on sunday, the playing test, i think i did OK, too. i did mess up on a few parts, but not too badly. since the piano was super easy to play, and was really bouncy, i could easily play the fast song!

now, i'm going to go make pretend stained glass. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008


well, i've started this blog mainly so that my sister, Cherry (whom i like to call jie ji) knows what's going on in my life while she's in paris. be grateful jie ji!

today is a friday. yet, i still have homework to do! Since the Whitney writing exam is coming up, our teacher, Ms. Lopez is getting anxious because many students in my class are still getting 2's (out of 4) in writing. Therefore, the whole class gets a writing assignment EVERY SINGLE DAY including weekends! grrr... hmph.. ah- pbbbb.

In addition, this weekend, i have the certificate of merit (CM) piano test. tomorrow, saturday, is the written theory test, and on sunday is the actual playing of the piano test. and that one is the one i'm scared about, because one of my songs that i'm playing (sonatina op. 36 #3) is reeaaally terrible! which means macho practice for me today and tomorrow. but with the school writing assignment and my cca writing assignment, i'm scared. :(

however, on fridays, i do have skating practice with my coach, Lia, and since skating is my favorite thing to do other than reading, that cheered me up a lot. :) i must say, i'm getting pretty good at the flip jump and sit spin, so it won't take long before i learn the axel! hee hee....

oh, i got my spring picture today...