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Monday, October 20, 2008

final twilight trailer! :(:

you see the sad/smiley face up there? you're probably wondering why i'm not absolutely super-duper thrilled that the final trailer is out, which means that the movie is coming soon (november 21), right?

well, to be positively honest, i feel like the trailer i just watched for the 11th time is... not as great as i hoped it would be. first of all, what's witht the opening music? it's kind of calm and eerie at the same time, and i like that eeriness, but it's a little to weird and peaceful. it just doesn't set the mood right. when i was reading twilight, i was really excited, with adrenaline running through me the entire time. second of all, can i just mention that i HATE all of the cast members? especially BELLA. her face is okay, her lines sound fake, the way she says everything makes it sound like the opposite of what she's saying. for example, when edward asked, "are you afraid?" she said, "no," but her voice was like, shocked and scared sounding, and her face looked frightened. her voice is so irratating in the beginning too, " you're impossibly fast and strong," sounding exasperated! and the part where bella says, "vampire" the close up on the bottom half of her face is disgusting. especially since you get to notice the un-symmetrical-ness of her lips and her ugly teeth. but bella's not the only problem, edward is not so great either.

i understand that there was a lot of pressure for filming this world-wide bestseller, and making all the cullens look gorgeous, and whatever. so, i decided that edward didn't have to exactly look beautiful and godlike, but that doesn't mean he should look LAME and CREEPY and have a TENESSEE-N ACCENT! "ma family, whir diffent fram othas of a kind" makes me want to rip my hair out. for instance about the lameness, did you see his sunglasses? the cullens are supposed to be rich and have really expensive and nice apparel. those glasses, against his pale skin really really bothers me. perhaps i'm just paranoid because i'm not so pleased with the other cullens, either.

Rosalie should at least look some-what pretty, and not old and ugly, no offense.

jasper seriously looks scary. he looks drunk in all of the family pictures, and his hair looks like an owl's nest.

the only character i like is Alice Cullen. she looks so cute :) i love her hair!

more criticizing on the trailer below:

I just watched the beginning again, to refresh my memory and utter disgust. could the words BE ANY CHEESIER? "Nothing will be the same" "FOREVER." "BEGINS" "NOW" was so annoying. "forever begins now", especially, because the words came zooming, with little scenes in between, it was way too fast and it felt like they were over-trying to make it look good.

and the part where james first sees bella goes by wayy too fast. especially for people who don't know the story and lines by heart, it's really hard to comprehend what's going on. it's hard to even get that james is a vampire, and the bad kind. and when laurent says, "he's got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal," you don't understand who's he's referring to. for us, twilighters, it's obvious that he's warning the Cullens about James.

Now that i'm done with telling you how terribly horrible the trailer is, i sort of feel bad and guilty. i am a loyal twilight fan, so of course, i would like you to know that there are a lot of good parts for me to rant about as well. i like how the words are in silver-ish blue, especially "11.21.08" it looked really cool when the light was coming through it. i also think that most of the scenes that look really dramatic and cheesy in the movie while they are acting, would look really nice in a picture, instead. For example, the very last clip where it showed only edward and bella, their expressions looked really good and realistic.

Although there is a l ot of good stuff in there, and i'm still fairly excited about watching the movie, and i encourage everyone else to watch it as well, i cannot continue my review since there is grape fruit covering my hands and mouth, due to me trying to type while eating. daddy is also sure to be mad if i don't get the stickiness off of the keyboard.


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