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Sunday, August 23, 2009

STAR test results and my outfit ;)





but sadly, i just came back from "skating". the parking lot and street was packed. i went in to see how many ppl there were, and the rink was unfortunately, filled with lots of little girls.

sigh. so, i didn't skate. instead, we went to get ancient chinese "bladder" medicine for mama, which was right next to Quickly. andd they had a boba sale! only 99 cents! so i got some delicious milk tea boba... ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i'm a chef/ fashion designer! ;)

yesterday, daddy and i went to trader joe's. after taking 3 samples of casadilla from the taste post, we were walking down the bread isle while i stared at the pies and cookies, longing for a taste. soo, i decided to bake a pie! we bought some berries, and went home.
i had never baked a pie before, and had no idea how to make the crust, so i went on google to search for a recipe. i found it too difficult, and that it would test my patience very much. daddy had mentioned that we forgot to buy mama oatmeal, so we went to Stater Brothers. When we found the oats, I noticed that on the back of the oatmeal thing, it had a recipe for apple sauce oatmeal muffins! YUM! i decided to bake muffins instead, since i already made apple sauce.
although they did get burned on the bottom, they taste pretty good. here is a picture of 3/4s of the last one. for some reason, the recipe had said that it would make 12 muffins, but i managed to only make 6.

Today, i decided to make clothing. why? because i always want to, but am often too lazy. although i did successfully complete a shirt, there is still a lot of laziness in it, because i only modified a shirt that i didn't want anymore. it used to be a long sleeve, peach limited too shirt with lace stuff on the bottom and top. now, it's a short sleeved, hand stitched shirt with a square neck and short bottom, since i cut off the lace stuff. and i added 2 very cute buttons ;).

but i did make a mess along the way....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


my braces are lime green ;) they're pretty.

i guess i'm kind of like the guinea pig of mama and daddy's orthodontic experiments. i'm using rubber bands that daddy bought in china, to see if they're as good as the ones we buy from the US. apparently, they are as good, and they're a lot cheaper, and now mama has a lot of new and cool colors.

You know how the rubberbands are circular shapes? well, the pack that daddy bought from china includes the normal circle ones, flower shapes, and Mickey Mouse heads! Hee Hee

Dangit. i just realized that now that mama has all these cool colors, i'm going to be taking my braces off in about 2 weeks. D; we should've gone to china last year, so that daddy could've bought the rubberbands, then. that way, i could be showing off pretty colors at school.

but hopefully, mama will stick to her word and take my braces off before school starts.


Meteor shower tonight!


if you haven't seen already, the google page has google words written "meteor sky"-style, announcing that there is going to be a meteor shower tonight! EEEE! it should be visible to the United States around and after midnight tonight, so cross your fingers that you catch a falling star!

National Geographic says that this meteor hits Earth every 130 years. Don't miss it, or you won't be alive to see the next one!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

best stuff ever

homemade apple and fig sauce. mmm..... jealous?
just the right amount of all natural sour and sweetness.

for all you who are craving it right now, here's the secret recipe:

estimated time: 5 years.

first, plant a sour apple tree in the backyard.

then, plant a sweet fig tree in the front yard.

wait until the trees grow big and have bear so much fruit that you don't know what to do with them, but you don't want to feed the birds and oppossums, and your chickens aren't trained to eat them.

wash the fruit.

cut and mush them into bite-size pieces.

put them in the pot and begin to boil.

add 2 spoons of all natural honey.

accidentally forget about them for unknown time.

when you remember, they should be mushy and done.

there you go! au natural sweet fig and sour apple sauce. add some cinnamon if you want to keep your chinese mom away....

tip: tastes best when you eat it out of the pot. and when you eat half a pot at a time.


Friday, August 7, 2009

quick mini-post

school's out, back (24 days early) from China, and am still alive.