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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


my braces are lime green ;) they're pretty.

i guess i'm kind of like the guinea pig of mama and daddy's orthodontic experiments. i'm using rubber bands that daddy bought in china, to see if they're as good as the ones we buy from the US. apparently, they are as good, and they're a lot cheaper, and now mama has a lot of new and cool colors.

You know how the rubberbands are circular shapes? well, the pack that daddy bought from china includes the normal circle ones, flower shapes, and Mickey Mouse heads! Hee Hee

Dangit. i just realized that now that mama has all these cool colors, i'm going to be taking my braces off in about 2 weeks. D; we should've gone to china last year, so that daddy could've bought the rubberbands, then. that way, i could be showing off pretty colors at school.

but hopefully, mama will stick to her word and take my braces off before school starts.

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