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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun Day ^_^

So today is the 2nd Sunday since I returned from my Europe trip. Josh and I went to go pick up his cousin Patrick and Patrick's girlfriend Marissa from the airport at 11-ish. They go to school together in Shanghai but they're not fobs 'cause Patrick probably grew up here since he sounds exactly like us and Marissa is a white girl from South Carolina who lived in Shanghai for 4 years. :D so cooooool.

So we picked them up and went to go eat In-N-Out in Westwood by UCLA. We proceeded to head on home and decided to pay a visit to Patrick's grandma, who's in the hospital right now for something really minor. Only two visitors are allowed in a patient's room at a time, so Patrick and Marissa went in first and then Josh and I went for a quick "hello". I realized while I was there that it was the 2nd time I had ever, in my life, talked to an elderly person.

Of course I've had grandparents; it is quite difficult to come to existence without them. However, I've only met my paternal grandparents, who were only here to witness my birth, and then they flew back to China. My maternal grandparents never saw me. I have only scarce memories of my parents mentioning their parents. When I was a child (2-4 years of age), while we were still living in my previous house, I was on my daddy's lap one night before bed, when I asked him where his mom was. He plain out told me that she died a couple years ago. Another scarring recollection was from when I was about 5 years old. I was cleaning my closet in my own room when, suddenly, a whole mess of clothes fell from the top shelf. Being too lazy to clean it up myself, I ran to my parent's room to complain to them. I started tearing up to manipulate my daddy's sympathy so that he would clean it for me. Instead of his compassionate answers, what I received were the sounds of my mother's wailing cries. It was a heart-wrenching, terrible sound; one that I had never heard before. She was bawling her eyes out and I had no idea what had happened to her. I asked my dad, who was desperately trying to soothe her anxiety, and he quietly told me that her mommy left the earth.  I didn't mention the state of my closet to them.

OKAY ANYWAYS,  we dropped off Patrick and Marissa at Patrick's grandma's house after that since they wanted to clean themselves after a long flight. Josh and I decided to go to the Brea Mall because I needed to spend my Borders gift cards 'cause they're closing down. We got there and looked around and realized the Borders was across the street, at the Brea Shopping Center, which apparently, is not the same as the mall. Who knew?! But there was an Apple store at the mall, so we took a few Photobooth pictures. ^_^

The line at Borders was ridiculously long and I was only able to find one of the books I need for AP Human Geography, but it's okay because I have friends who have the other book(s). ^_^ Aren't friends wonderful? I ended up not even spending all of my Borders gift card money. I have about $10.66 left, so I am willing to sell it to someone for $10! :D

After that, I did not feel like going back home, though I was falling asleep from the food coma that my double-double was causing me. Josh and I went to the Artesia park and slept on the grass for a while and talked in the car. It was 6:30-ish when we checked the time again, so we decided to head back home soon. We stopped at Quickly Boba 'cause I felt like drinking some $1.08 Tapioca Milk Tea. ($0.99 without tax) He dropped me off at home and I practiced some piano and my parents argued and I didn't eat dinner because of the boba.

I realized I was supposed to drop off Megan's bicycle basket at her house today, so Daddy and I decided to walk to her house. We did, and we had lovely conversations, like we always do. When we came back, my parents were done being mad at each other, so I fixed myself some peaches and yogurt and sat down on the couch to chat with my mother, who I have not had a civilized conversation with in a while. My dad came down to us as well and sat next to Mama on the sofa and the three of us had a nice talk. It just felt normal for once, and I'm still ecstatic and I feel like the happiest child on Earth. I love my parents.

Good night! I didn't accomplish all my academic goals for the day, but tomorrow morning, I will! Then, Megan, Olivia, and I are going to have a picnic at Cerritos Park East, where Megan and I will also teach dear Oliver how to bike! :D Then maybe we will go to the Sheraton Hotel to inquire about internships and then we shall make scrapbooks of our memories while simultaneously watching Harry Potter movies. I need to watch HP 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 before we go to the theaters on Tuesday to watch 7.5. Sigh.

I am one happy Cindy ahora. ^_^

11:05 PM- (about 10 minutes later)

My parents just said they were getting divorced again. (They just said it again, not they're getting divorced again.) Sigh.