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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Figure skating Worlds

The 2008 figure skating worlds was a bit of a disappointment for America. We only medalled once- johnny weir won the bronze at the mens. Kimmie meissner did pretty well compared to her last few competitions. she's had a pretty rough season. she got 7th place, i think, then bebe liang got 10th, and ashley wagner got 16th place.

oh yeah, jie ji- that japanese daisuke dude got 1st place in men's, i think.

although we did not-so-great at the senior worlds, america led a ladies sweep at the junior worlds podium where rachel flatt won 1st, then caroline with the silver medal, and our us ladies champion, mirai nagasu, 3rd.

well, that's all for now =]

Thursday, March 20, 2008


btw, i think i forgot to mention that it was my 12fth birthday yesterday. but my party's on saturday. saturday is a great day for a party because tomorrow, friday, is good friday, and sunday is easter! so most people take the weekend off, and have nothing to do, but to come to my party!

something funny...

at my reading comprehension class, i read a story about an experiment of peer pressure. You were asked to volunteer in a study, there were 8 people. you guys were brought into a room, where they were asked questions that were really easy and obvious. "is this line longer, or is this line?" and there was always an obvious significant difference. you guys sat in a straight line, and were all asked the same question, and each person gave their answer, one at a time, starting from one end of the line, to the other. you are number 7 in line. you were puzzled at how simple the questions were. you looked around the room, and everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing. then, around the 5th question, the first person answered incorrectly. next, the second person answered in correctly as well, then the third and fourth. "what's wrong with these people?" you think. when it comes to your turn, do you answer correctly, or go with the flow, and answer incorrectly, like everyone else?

everyone except you were actually "phonies" hired by the scientist to answer questions incorrectly. the scientist that conducted this experiment found that most of the people answered incorrectly as well. however, some people challenged the crowd, and even got angry. one person even commented, "what kind of funny farm did you turkeys grow on?!"

the end :)


well, first of all, we just got our computer back. daddy did somethin' funny with it, then the whole darn computer shut down and went blank. just like that, all our files, documents, pictures, music and junk were gone. but then, daddy and xiao yu ge, 35 year old cousin who lives with us, were able to take it some place, and they recovered it! only, we're missing a thingy that is supposed to bring our stuff back, and once we connect the Thingy, all our files will *kaboom* appear again! :) but at least i'm exposed to a computer now...

but here's the bad news.. that has nothing to do with the computer. my good friend, John Shin is leaving. moving to LA. just like that! he never told ANYONE! I was so shocked when ms. lopez told the class, that for a while, i thought they were joking! i was thinking of going up to john after class, and saying, "yeah, nice one," but it was true! he promised to teach me how to skateboard like a pro over the summer! like that's going to happen now... but what was really sad was that i think he was mad at me or something because he didn't even say good bye to me. he was too busy with his friends and "the crowd" of popular stupid people to notice me. over this long weekend, he'll be gone. he was really funny, too. not the i'm-trying-so-hard-to-be-funny-that-i'm-lame type of person, more like i-just-am funny person. he really added more humor and spice to my life. and even though i got angry and frustrated a lot at his, he really was there and listening to me when i had fights with my friends, shiree and shruti. when i talked to him , he didn't interupt too much, nor was he silent the whole time. it was like what i said really mattered.
now i realized that most of time i was the one talking, which is strange, because i'm the shy one. i really didn't get to know him, as well as i thought i did. i liked how he called me Cin. no one's ever called me that before....

Thursday, March 13, 2008


my current state: right hand hurting due to writing waaayyy tooooooo much.
today, we were assigned to write a 500 word essay on anything we liked! this is always my favorite topic! and every single time, i get carried away, because really, i love writing, just not about useless topics! so from about 4:45 to 6:15, i've been writing away about my fabulous trip to europe last winter. :) <3. so what was supposed to be about 2 1/2 front-and-back pages, ended up being 5 1/2!! which was about 1,000 words! yippee! the reason why i'm so happy is because....

yesterday, after reading my terrible no-effort essay, and many others, ms. lopez got infuriated! she started yelling and lecturing us about how if we don't start trying, we won't make it into whitney. what i thought was really mean was when ms. lopez asked, "now, who here actually wants to go to whitney?" many people raised their hands. first, she attacked the people that didn't raise their hands, like my friend, krystal, and that just got her even madder! then, she attacked the people that did raise their hands, and the first one was my friend, Dan. "You want to go to whitney? you?" she emphasized "you" like it was disgusting to say. and dan replied, "er.. yes." "well, you certainly aren't showing it dan. the grades your getting now are Cs and Ds (which is not actually true). If you think your going to get into whitney, you getter start trying!" that ms. lopez really insulted dan, and practically said he wouldn't get in. then, she got to me. now, i really didn't think she would say much about me because i really, was a good student. i almost ALWAYS did my homework, and I usually get As. But she said, "so cindy, you want to go to whitney?" "yeah," "you have your nose in a book all the time, but why are you being so lazy in your work? you should be Acing things!" and i muttered a "grumph. hnuh. jebah chabah." but she didn't hear me since she was too busy scolding someone else. later, dan said to me, "see ya at whitney cindy! we'll show ms. lopez!" and krystal said, "yeah, when we come back to visit this school next year, we'll spit in her face!"

so you see, i know i'll get a 4 on my writing tomorrow, and i'll show her!

Monday, March 10, 2008


so happy today! it's only 3:55 pm, and i've already finished my homework! apparently ms. lopez forgot to assign us writing today, so we only had to do 21 problems of math!

on saturday, the CM theory test, i think i did OK. it was, actually, i little difficult since i forgot how to draw a half rest, couldn't remember if Kabelvsky was from the romantic period or classical, and didn't know what a melodic minor scale was. so at the most, i would've missed three, which i think, is still enough to make it to the state performance. on sunday, the playing test, i think i did OK, too. i did mess up on a few parts, but not too badly. since the piano was super easy to play, and was really bouncy, i could easily play the fast song!

now, i'm going to go make pretend stained glass. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008


well, i've started this blog mainly so that my sister, Cherry (whom i like to call jie ji) knows what's going on in my life while she's in paris. be grateful jie ji!

today is a friday. yet, i still have homework to do! Since the Whitney writing exam is coming up, our teacher, Ms. Lopez is getting anxious because many students in my class are still getting 2's (out of 4) in writing. Therefore, the whole class gets a writing assignment EVERY SINGLE DAY including weekends! grrr... hmph.. ah- pbbbb.

In addition, this weekend, i have the certificate of merit (CM) piano test. tomorrow, saturday, is the written theory test, and on sunday is the actual playing of the piano test. and that one is the one i'm scared about, because one of my songs that i'm playing (sonatina op. 36 #3) is reeaaally terrible! which means macho practice for me today and tomorrow. but with the school writing assignment and my cca writing assignment, i'm scared. :(

however, on fridays, i do have skating practice with my coach, Lia, and since skating is my favorite thing to do other than reading, that cheered me up a lot. :) i must say, i'm getting pretty good at the flip jump and sit spin, so it won't take long before i learn the axel! hee hee....

oh, i got my spring picture today...