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Monday, March 10, 2008


so happy today! it's only 3:55 pm, and i've already finished my homework! apparently ms. lopez forgot to assign us writing today, so we only had to do 21 problems of math!

on saturday, the CM theory test, i think i did OK. it was, actually, i little difficult since i forgot how to draw a half rest, couldn't remember if Kabelvsky was from the romantic period or classical, and didn't know what a melodic minor scale was. so at the most, i would've missed three, which i think, is still enough to make it to the state performance. on sunday, the playing test, i think i did OK, too. i did mess up on a few parts, but not too badly. since the piano was super easy to play, and was really bouncy, i could easily play the fast song!

now, i'm going to go make pretend stained glass. :)
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