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Thursday, March 20, 2008

something funny...

at my reading comprehension class, i read a story about an experiment of peer pressure. You were asked to volunteer in a study, there were 8 people. you guys were brought into a room, where they were asked questions that were really easy and obvious. "is this line longer, or is this line?" and there was always an obvious significant difference. you guys sat in a straight line, and were all asked the same question, and each person gave their answer, one at a time, starting from one end of the line, to the other. you are number 7 in line. you were puzzled at how simple the questions were. you looked around the room, and everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing. then, around the 5th question, the first person answered incorrectly. next, the second person answered in correctly as well, then the third and fourth. "what's wrong with these people?" you think. when it comes to your turn, do you answer correctly, or go with the flow, and answer incorrectly, like everyone else?

everyone except you were actually "phonies" hired by the scientist to answer questions incorrectly. the scientist that conducted this experiment found that most of the people answered incorrectly as well. however, some people challenged the crowd, and even got angry. one person even commented, "what kind of funny farm did you turkeys grow on?!"

the end :)
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