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Sunday, June 2, 2013

I hate Google Maps and Our Generation

So today I was trying to go to my first aerial silks dance class (and if you don't know what that is, look it up -- it looks amazingly fun!) and like always, I opened up my trusty Google Maps app on my iPhone for navigation.

I had recently bumped up Google Maps to be the fifth app on the first screen of my homescreen so that it would come before Apple Maps, since I find Google Maps more reliable and aesthetically pleasing. AND WHAT DID I GET IN RETURN FOR GOOGLE MAPS'S PROMOTION? Incorrect directions, broken trust, and downright disappointment.

How could you do this to me, Google, how?!

The dance studio I was trying to get to has two locations -- one in Signal Hill and one in Huntington Beach. The class I wanted to attend was only available at 10 AM at the Signal Hill location. When I searched for the studio name, both locations popped up and I confidently chose the correct location, with the utmost faith in Google Maps's directions.

Being the technologically-reliant 21st century human that I am, without even checking the red dot of destination, I hit "Start" and blindly fell into the guidance of Google Maps's robot woman voice. It wasn't until I had turned onto the street of the Huntington Beach studio that I realized I was, in fact, at the Huntington Beach studio and not the Signal Hill one.

And I, ladies and gentleman, am a prime example of today's youth - a generation unscathed by paper maps and unexposed to non- step-by-step voice-guided navigation, one that is easily led astray by confused Global Positioning Systems. I hate Google Maps and our generation.