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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Oh, how I wish I were as talented as some of the people I know!


Monday, June 20, 2011


Sunday, June 19, 2011


i wish i had something i was really passionate about, something i would always enjoy doing, something that would be my mini- escape from the stresses of life.  unfortunately, i have no such hobby or interest that is like this to me. i thought i could rely on my friends and family for this, but people are too unstable, no matter how close the bonds. i miss skating, but i have to admit that skating did not always provide these things for me. the rink was often a battlefield of internal conflicts, and i think it added more weight on my shoulders. nonetheless, i still hope to skate again some day ^_^ maybe i'll go more often during the summer! except i have no skates...

piano frustrates me because it seems like i can't get things down like i used to, and i can't just wing things and rely on talent to earn me a compliment from my teacher. the songs are more difficult now, and my teacher is much stricter. sigh.

i'm terribly jealous of my friends who all have something they look forward to doing every weekend or whenever they get to do it. passion and dedication are definitely qualities i lack. =/

i'm excited to go to scotland tomorrow. yay, in 24 hours i will be on the plane :D all by myself................ i'm scared, yes, but 'twill be quite an adventure.