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Thursday, March 20, 2008


well, first of all, we just got our computer back. daddy did somethin' funny with it, then the whole darn computer shut down and went blank. just like that, all our files, documents, pictures, music and junk were gone. but then, daddy and xiao yu ge, 35 year old cousin who lives with us, were able to take it some place, and they recovered it! only, we're missing a thingy that is supposed to bring our stuff back, and once we connect the Thingy, all our files will *kaboom* appear again! :) but at least i'm exposed to a computer now...

but here's the bad news.. that has nothing to do with the computer. my good friend, John Shin is leaving. moving to LA. just like that! he never told ANYONE! I was so shocked when ms. lopez told the class, that for a while, i thought they were joking! i was thinking of going up to john after class, and saying, "yeah, nice one," but it was true! he promised to teach me how to skateboard like a pro over the summer! like that's going to happen now... but what was really sad was that i think he was mad at me or something because he didn't even say good bye to me. he was too busy with his friends and "the crowd" of popular stupid people to notice me. over this long weekend, he'll be gone. he was really funny, too. not the i'm-trying-so-hard-to-be-funny-that-i'm-lame type of person, more like i-just-am funny person. he really added more humor and spice to my life. and even though i got angry and frustrated a lot at his, he really was there and listening to me when i had fights with my friends, shiree and shruti. when i talked to him , he didn't interupt too much, nor was he silent the whole time. it was like what i said really mattered.
now i realized that most of time i was the one talking, which is strange, because i'm the shy one. i really didn't get to know him, as well as i thought i did. i liked how he called me Cin. no one's ever called me that before....
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