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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

crazy testing and dogs

In case you haven't noticed, ms. lopez is a bad teacher. however, she got even worse, and all the other sixth grade teachers have stooped down to her level of teaching as well. we've been crazily zooming through our math book because "it's better to get exposed to everything than to focus on one thing". well, we're zooming throught, and we aren't getting exposed to anything that makes sense, and we're not focusing on anything either. i really, reaally do not understand anything we're learning in math right now, and neither does anybody else in the class, but ms. lopez doesn't care one bit. she says that we're not trying to learn, but she's actually just trying to blame us because she doesn't know how to teach.

today was the first day of STAR testing. we start with English language arts, for 2 days, then math for 2 days. english wasn't that difficult. pretty easy, actually. it was mainly just reading comprehension.

now, for the fun part;the following are the dog breeds i want:
american eskimo
shiba inu

but i have to get a small one, so i'm thinky of going with a papillon. i love its ears. here's a picture of one:

i plan on naming it cheeko if it's a boy, and cheeka if it's a girl. :D
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