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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I have to say, i've been pretty busy lately. i know what you're thinking, "How busy can a twelve-year-old sixth grader possibly be?" But really, there are so many things going on.

First of all, i am greatly relieved to have finished the whitney writing test and the middle school math placement test. However, we do start STAR testing next week. and that counts 70% for whitney. yikes! i am studying, studying, studying, and doing lots of extra work in order to make sure i do well in English and Math. In addition to testing, as if there weren't enough stress already, the teachers gave us another report to do. the i-search, which is the most important report of the year. wonderful. Oh well, i really enjoy doing i-searches, though. last year was a success since i did it on my favorite topic- figure skating, and earned a 4+, the highest grade you could possibly get. This year, since the topic has to be relative to the book we recently read called THE CAY, i chose to search about coconuts and palm trees. cute, eh?

FIELD TRIPS are the best part of school! we have two very exciting ones coming up. on may 5, we get to GO TO THE BEACH!! the other classes have already went, and they came back saying it was "totally narley, dude!"!!. we well get to learn how to surf, boogie board, and kayak. (i'm especially looking forward to the surfing part!) Next, sometime late may, or early june, we are GOING TO KNOTT'S BERRY FARM from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm!! we get into groups of 3 or more, and do whatever we want!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I CAN'T WAIT! i can't help it! ive been waiting for this day since.. since... i knew about it! but even then, i thought it was just a rumor, but no!!! BUT WAIT- there's a catch. if we don't turn in our report on time, which is due on the day of the beach trip, we don't go to the beach. that one's pretty simple. no worries there, but.... the teachers came up with a "brilliant" idea about a three strike rule. if you misbehave or don't turn in homework on time, you get a strike. three strikes, and you don't go to knott's. YIKES!. well, not that i have an issue with not doing homework, but you see... er.. i tend to be cumbersome and forgetful, so about once a week, i leave something at home, and now i'm afraid i'll do it again. :( but i'm really a terrific, most of the time, straight A student, so perhaps ms. lopez could make an exception? if not, i'll write her the best persuasive paper ever, and she'll be so dazzled and mesmerized by it, that i will be able to hypnotize her and make her let me go! aha! take that!

now, there's one last thing i'm overjoyed about.. I'M GOING TO GET A DOGGY! i've always wanted a dog, my entire life long, and now my life long dream is coming true!!!!!!!! well, almost. my parents will get me one if i make it into whitney. but of course i will! under my most accurate calculations, there is practically already a spot reserved for me in whitney! now, i checked out some dog books from the library a couple days ago while i was looking for coconut books, and i am thinking about a siberian husky, alaskan malamute, or samoyed. but my parents want a small dog, so perhaps a pomeranian, welsh corgi, american eskimo, or a pallion? or i'll get some kind of a cute little mutt from the shelter? oh, i know! i'll get a samoyed puppy, and tell Mom that it'll stay that small, and when it grows big, i go, "oops, didn't see that coming!"

despite the testing and reports, i actually love my life right now. it really couldn't be better. i love challeges, as well as rewards. so, parfait! woof! arf!bark! and bwack! bwack! (inside joke between me and jie ji)
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