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Friday, April 18, 2008

Whitney Test

i'm quite nervous, excited, scared and relieved about this even, which will take place on april 24th. need to write, write, WRITE! i hope they give us a good topic, like the one they gave for the last district test, and not a ms. lopez- type topic. but i'm actually not that scared about the writing part. i'm quite sure i'll get a 4.

however, i need to work on reading and math for the star test, which counts 70% for whitney. the previous year, i got 600 in math, which is the most you can get, but if i want to get into whitney, i have to keep my math schore the same, yet also increase me reading score. although i performed in the "advanced" area in both tests. i was kinda disappointed because my reading went down. i got 450 last year, and the year before that, i got 492. however, i don't know how well i have to do on reading to get in. they might let me pass witha 492, but probably not a 450. so, to be on the safe side, i'm aiming for 500 and above.

star testing starts on may 1st.

by the way, on may 5th, we're GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!!!! the other classes already went, and everyone agreed that is was NARLEY. they all learned how to surf, kayack, boogie board, and other stuff. but shiree and i think that we are quite lucky to go in may, because it'll be alot warmer that when the other classes went, last monday. shruti tried rubbing it in, saying that it wasn't cold at all, but the sky looked pretty gloomy when they went.

:) :) :0 :] :D :D
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