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Friday, April 4, 2008

spring break. :(:

most people would jump for joy for it to finally be spring break. though i'm not jumping for joy, i'm ok happy. why aren't i super excited? first of all, i absolutely HATE doing homework over weekends or breaks from school. all of my spring breaks since fourth grade were spent at them cerritos library, reading books all day long. but now, i have to do this one "optional" math packet, and a reading thingy. if you've never known, if a teacher says some assignment is optional, they actually expect you to do it, because that's what "good" students do. and therefore, i HAVE to do it, because i'm a good student, and everybody expects me to. besides, although i hate to admit, it'd be a good review right before the CA STAR testing and whitney exam. the reading thingy is what i really don't want to do. a few days ago, everyone in our class had to pick a book out of a list, to read over the spring. easy, i thought, since i love reading, but that wasn't it. we also have to write in this journal. after reading each chapter of whatever book you chose, (in my case, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh) you have to write a summary, write a reflective, and draw an illustration, but stick figures are not allowed. ??? oh, AND, you have to COLOR the illustrations, or else, you get an automatic F. ??????

in addition, tomorrow is supposed to be my day (or 2 hours) of watching the ISU Figure Skating World Exhibitions, but no, i have to go to some dumb piano recital, and pay $10 dollars for a fake trophy that everyone gets. yeah, i have a cheap piano teacher. the exhibitions start at 3:30, but my recital starts at 4:00, so i probably have to leave the house by 3:30.

maybe if i jacked someone's iPhone, i could watch it...... or just any old computer. -wait- is it even possible to watch tv on the computer??
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