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Friday, May 9, 2008

testing's OVER!

yay! i didn't realize that our state testings were only for 4 days. hehehe. the 3rd graders have to test for 10 days, but then again, they get candy, which they call "smart pills". but no, ms. lopez and the other sixth grade teachers "don't believe in candy and junk food". then why do we always catch ms. lopez with a large bag of lemon lays all the time? hmm? it's not fair.

i love post-testing days because the teachers all want to thank us for working so hard by doing some fun things. however, i don't think anybody had to work very hard because testing only takes about an hour every morning for 4 days for us, and then we don't have any homework after school to do. how is that hard? but anyway, we can just let the teachers think we worked are butts off, because yesterday and today, WE PLAYED CAPTURE THE FLAG! yup, that's right! most people don't know this, but capture the flag is my favorite game in the whole wide world, and i haven't played it since fourth grade. playing again made me remember how skilled i am at playing defense and tagging people out. my technique is to always aim for people's necks because once you tag them on the neck, they'll be sure to have felt it, and they can't lie and go, "no, i don't think you tagged me."

as the days crawl by, i am getting more and more anxious about recieving that letter that invites me to go to Whitney next year. even though i'm about 80% (or more) sure that i'm going to get in, you still never know? but for now, i can relax because we don't have nightly writing assignments to do, and we've barely gotten any homework at all for the past 2 weeks. however, i've been sick, with the fever the past weekend, and i'm still not feeling very well. cloggy throat is all now.

my skating is going okay. but to tell you the truth, i don't feel so great. i don't think i've improved very much for the past half year with lia, my coach. but today was my last lesson with her, because she is getting too busy with school, so now, i think i'm going to go for a more professional coach, like Karen, or Ming Zhu Li, who is Caroline's coach. i really hope to improve.

i can't tell you how excited i am about the rest of the year. with the sixth grade dance, knott's, and promotion, not to mention and ice cream party and 20-foot water slide, who wouldn't be?
i am thoroughly content with my life right now, except for 1 thing. although i didn't know her very well, i'll still miss my friend, katherine, who was new to our school this year, but is moving again. as in today. however, i will hopefully still be emailing her often, and i will miss her very much. BYE KATHY!!!
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