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Thursday, May 29, 2008


before my sixth-grade year started, i vowed and hoped that i would have a year of care-free and no friends issues year. i had had enough in 5th grade. Ha ha ha is what i say now. i don't believe that's possible anymore. just a month or two into the new school year, amy, who was, really, my best friend, got kicked out of our "group". she was then placed with Shiree, who is still my friend now. speaking of now, our "groupie" consists of me, Hira, and Shiree. of course, priya and samantha are just normal friends who play with us sometimes, although we have issues with priya. but anyway, yesterday and today were one of the best and worst days of my life. why? well, shruti is officially out of our group. ahh! i feel so free! and -cringe- why did i do that??? is what has been running through my mind. you see, about 75% of the time, i don't really enjoy being around her. she's too emotional, dramatic, gullible, lame, and a wannabe-ish person. and without us, she really is a loner. thruthfully and honestly, nobody likes her except for priya, who is always filling her in on everything we say about her.

did i mention that she was a WANNABE? she always says that she doesn't like those girls who gossip all day long and shop at abercrombie and talk on the phone 24/7. then maybe, she should'nt act that way as well! the first and last time i went to the mall with her, she wanted to go to abercrombie and buy skinny jeans and flats and pink converse. and you know how everyone hates her, and she has no friends? so whenever hira isn't hanging out with her, and she's hanging out with amy, who is hira's friend, shruti gets all upset, so she comes to shiree and i saying, "oh, i don't think hira wants to play with us anymore, becuase look, she's laughing with amy." and i'm thinking, " oh, i don't think hira likes YOU anymore, because, look, she HATES you!"

i don't think you could tell, from the paragraph above, but i'm actually the nice one in our group. i convinced hira and shiree many times to not break it to shruti so soon. but just yesterday, we ditched her once, during recess, and hira and shiree said that they couldn't stand it any longer. they HAD to tell her. so we made a comprimise. we would tell her on friday, so that we don't see her the next day, and she has time to think about it, get emotional, and cry. but after today, we won't need to. she confronted us during lunch, and so we told her right then and there. so she got emotional and started crying. great.

but remember, when i told you a few updates ago that WE ARE GOING TO KNOTT'S BERRY FARM!?!? well, for that field trip, you get into groups of 3 or more. you also, can never ever leave one person in your group alone. that includes going on rides, bathroom, etc. originally, before the whole shruti drama, it was going to be me, hira, shiree, and shruti, oh and chris. possibly priya and samantha too. however, after the "shruti drama", the only people she really has are priya and samantha, so she would probably go with them, and me, hira, shiree, and chris would go. until we discovered many problems. when we had the "talk" with shruti, she said that she still wanted to be friends with us, and that we should give her some time to change back to before she got on our nerves. we didn't want to, but we agreed anyway, knowing that we would never let her back in. however, at last recess today, she said that she would like to still be in our group for the knott's field trip. oh, snap. so we told her that we only wanted a max. of 5 people, because too many make it hard to decide where to go next, so it wastes time. she still tried convincing us to let her in, so we said we would "think about it". meanwhile, we hunted a guy-partner for chris, because of the no-person-allowed-to-be-alone rule. so if chris needs to go to the bathroom, we can't go with him. therefore, we needed to find a guy that chris liked, that we approved of, and who was willing to join our group. this was not as easy as we thought it to be. our first person we thought of was frank, however, his friend, simon wouldn't let him come into our group because he wanted frank in his group. so then, we went to mark. but mark wouldn't go with us unless his best friend, christian comes to. so when we finally allowed both mark and christian to come, stupid jeremy completely just came in and STOLE THEM! that is so unfair and mean! so right now, we've got no one. we've considered just making chris go to another group. we don't really even know why he's coming with us, but he wants to because we're one of the groups that are going on all the rides, and he knows us well. however, if we let him go, we've got 2 more issues. you see, shiree here, has a fear of "scary" rollercoasters. and again, with the rule, hira and i can't leave shiree behind, nor can one of us stay behind with her. therefore, we need at least a fourth person, which would be chris, but we can't find a partner for chris. so we're doomed. and also, if we let chris go, that'll give shruti and excuse to try and get into our group, and that just complicates things, because we really don't want to just say, "NO! we don't want you in our group, shruti!" you see how complicated our mid-life crisis is???

we currently, are still hard at work trying to find chris a partner. hopefully, we will find one tomorrow. best of luck!
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