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Saturday, May 24, 2008

peculiar weather & twilight series

if you can remember, the last time i informed you about the weather in cerritos, it was about 100 degrees or so. heh, it seems like that was a millenium ago because it's about 50 degrees F right now. it's been raining on and off these past few days. strange, eh?

anyway, i don't think i mentioned this before, but i have been in love with the best series on earth lately. it's called Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. the first book is called Twilight, where the main character, Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her dad, Charlie because her mother is traveling to Florida with her new husband. Bella makes lots of new friends at her new school, but most importantly, she meets Edward Cullen. Edward is the most beautiful person she's ever seen, and his marble skin is as smooth and pale as.. well, marble. Later in the book, she learns that Edward is a vampire, and but his family is what they call vegetarians which means that they only hunt animals, and not humans. However, Edward works 100 times harder to not kill Bella because she has the exact type of blood that is Edward's favorite. Soon, they fall in love, but many dangers cross paths with them. and it doesn't help that Bella is a danger magnet, and gets saved by Edward millions of times.
In an interview, Stephenie Meyers said that this book is about finding love.

the next book, New Moon is about losing love. After a disastrous birthday celebration at the Cullen's place, Edward convinces himself that he must leave in order to protect Bella. he believes that he has caused her too much trouble, but Edward doesn't tell the truth of his departure to bella. He, instead, tells her that he does not love her anymore, so there is no reason for him to stay in Forks, Washington any longer. Bella is heartbroken, and for months, she turns almost inhuman. she has no emotions, she can't hear people unless she is asked a direct question, and there is never any light in her eyes of color in her cheeks. she also starts having repeating nightmares, which cause her to scream every night. but almost all the misery ends when she starts hanging out with Jacob Black, which she thinks of as her personal sun. Jacob is an old friend of hers, who was actually the one to tell her that Edward was a vampire. but Jacob only thinks it's a myth. no one knows the truth, except, possibly, Jacob's dad, Billy, who is friends with Charlie (Bella's dad). Jacob is not really the mature type. he seems to enjoy risks and extreme sports. When he teaches Bella to ride a motorcycle, Bella discovers that she starts having strange, but pleasant hallucinations. She hears and sees Edward, the love of her life quite clearly, and he warns her with his velvety sweet voice not to do any dangerous stunts. Before Edward had left, he made Bella promise that she would not do anything dangerous or hurt herself. but Bella breaks that promise and so many others just to hear her pleasant hullucinations. but when Alice Cullen, Edward's fortune-telling sister sees Bella jumping off a cliff, Edward is convinced that Bella is dead, so he tries to kill himself as well. Things do not turn out pretty. but it's another happy ending.

the third book, which i just finished to day, was definently not my favorite. Edward comes back, yes, and Jacob is a werewolf. vampires and werewolves are enemies. they don't trust eachother, so they are basically fighting for Bella. oh, and Jacob is in love with bella. things do not turn out pretty, especially, with another evil vampire seeking revenge, and trying to kill bella, Edward and Jacob must, somehow, work together to save Bella. but that only lasts temporarily, until the war is over. oh yeah, and the Volturi, which are the royal vampires, basically are also determined to stop Bella's heartbeat, but not to kill her, only to turn her into one of them- a vampire. but that's exactly what Bella wants. she would give up her human life to be immortal, to be with Edward forever. but Edward disagrees. he wants bella to live her human life to the fullest because he never had. in this book, Bella also discovers the stories and opinions of many of Edward's siblings, including the most beautiful person -or vampire- on earth, Rosalie, and Jasper. Finally, Edward and Bella come to a comprimise. Of course, Bella could become a vampire as soon as she graduates from college because she has Carlisle's (Edward's "dad")promise. however, she really also wants to be turned into a vampire by Edward. Edward's only condition is that she marry him first. this book's ending is not all that happy because the epilogue is told from Jacob's point of view, and he goes berserk when he recieves a wedding invitation.
in my opinion, Jacob should die and leave bella and Edward alone.

sorry, i don't know if my summaries of my favorite book's bored you, but i recommend these books to everyone! actually, a movie of twilight is coming out December 12, 2008. on August 2, i think, the fourth, and final book is also coming out, called Breaking Dawn, and i'm excited to see if Bella finally turns into a vampire. i know she would be extroadinary.

here is the link for the trailer of the movie. i actually think the trailer is pretty good, and the cast all look kind of like the description. the actress for Bella Swan is actually really pretty, even though Bella discribed herself as "looking like a broken down tricycle compared to Edward". Bella was described as very plain, but she looks pretty here!

merry weather to all!
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