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Saturday, May 17, 2008

All About Fun!~ almost......

just when i thought that the rest of the school year was going to be all about fun.... ms.lopez announces that we have to do i-search orals. great. i really don't mind standing up in front of the class and talking anymore, but after group orals with a reading project, she got impressed by our class's ability to think "outside of the box". so now, she expects a GATE (gifted and talented) report. only i can't think of anything that would impress her. i'm actually a pretty average kid when it comes to thinking, so i really don't know what i could do. my topic is on coconuts. really, how many exciting things can you do, talking about coconuts?? for my poster, i wrote "Coconuts & Palm Trees" in block lettering, and that took up about 1/3 of the poster. then i drew a palm tree on the right side that took upabout 1/3 of the space horizontally. i'm planning to drawing 3 big coconuts on the other side, with fast facts within them. but i don't know what facts to put that aren't too boring, but not too obvious. so far, i've got one fact: Coconuts were said to be named "grimace" by the early Portuguese sailors. i really want to finish the poster today, so that i can spend tomorrow thinking about how to impress ms. lopez. my oral report is on thursday. i'm anxious. but i know that i will do a good job because i always do. i'm a straight A student, except for that one time when i came back from Europe over winter break, and i had to do an oral the very next day. then, we had to do a game at the end, which i was unaware of, so my game turned out sucky. so i got a 3- out of 4.

but that won't happen again, because i'm determined to get a 4, preferably a 4+, but probably not, since i still don't know what to do! i mean, how impressive can coconuts get?? however, i know that after i get through this final report (if i do), my life is freed, and i will be playing for the rest of the school year. yay... but i just can't seem to get past this stupid report yet.
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