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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

summer... summer... SUMMER!

i've been meaning to update my blog prior to my promotion and the coming of summer. really, i have. it's just that i don't have a computer during the day that has internet. i can only use mama's laptop when she gets home. so anyway, for my graduation, i wore a super pretty black dress with black leggings from limited too (dress from ross). mama helped me change the dress a little bit because i didn't like the halter tying thingy, so we turned it into a strap. i made myself a bracelet and a necklace out of the beads that shiree gave me for my birthday. see pictures below.

for the actual ceremony, i received a presidential excellence award that contained a letter from Bush, a reflections contest award, a $10 target gift card, an olympic medal for sidesteps, and a promotion certificate. After the ceremony, at around 11:50, mama took me out to eat at Kabuki, my favorite sushi place. after that, i used my fake birthday coupon to retrieve a cheese cake fantasy, love it size, signature creation for free. yum :))

-hold up- let me back up a second. i don't think i told you about my trip to knott's berry farm. you maybe wondering why i did not put an exclamation mark at the end of the last sentence. to sum it up, i did not have that much fun. in fact, i was basically sulking the whole time. why? well, my group, which consisted of hira, shiree, justyn, and madelyn, did not like roller coasters. -sigh- hira had promised we two would go on silver bullet and ghostrider and accellerator, but we didn't. and we only went on four rides total. bummer. first, we went on the log ride, which was ok, actually. we had fun on that one. then, while justyn and madelyn went somewhere else, shiree, hira and i went on montezooma's revenge, which shiree almost peed in her pants on. then we went on a baby-ish ride called sierra sidewinder, which was not fun for me. out last rided was supreme scream. yay? you'd think. for most people, it would be super-scary. i think i inherited this from my sister, because the drop felt like nothing to me. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. but even so, shiree had cried. like really, tears falling out of eyes, cried. made me so mad. and even though we did have extra time to go on silver bullet, hira would'nt go. i think she was scared, but she just said that everyone said it was a bad ride, and she wouldn't go with me. of course, as i told you before, i could not go alone. i wish i picked a group with more boys in it. and then, even if they were scared, i could tease them and make them go on with me.

moving on... on the last day of school, it was supposed to be an all-day playing-with-water day. though the actual playing of water was super boring, and lasted for an hour, i was one of the chosen people who got to fill up water balloons, and that was fun. during lunch recess, which was my last recess in my entire life, shiree and i tried to hug as many people as possible, as in EVERYONE. it was fun. but then, when school ended, it was very depressing. people started crying because they didn't want to leave. i got a little teary during my parting hug with shiree. i might not see her again. i definently won't see hira. she's going to hascol middle school. i don't even know where that is. but shiree and i might both go to whitney... or not. you see, i've always been confident that i would make it to whitney for seventh grade. i mean, i HAD to. i just didn't see myself going to carmenita with all those non-smart people. but i got my grade for the writing test yesterday. shiree got a 4. i got a 3. i basically bawled my eyes out for the rest of the afternoon after brandyn left my house at 4:45 pm. it'll be harder for me to get in. unless i got a 600 in math, and 500 in reading, i probably won't get in. and it's hard for me to accept. mama agrees that it's not fair. they shouldn't judge you after one test, they should look at your entire grade in school and stuff. if they did that, i would definently be in.

but the good news is, is that i still get a dog. and i know which one i'm getting. he's a puppy in el monte. mama will drive me over on sunday to adopt him. i won't tell you who he is because then you'll want to search him online, and you'll find him, see his picture, and you'll be so mesmerized by his adorable-ness that you'll go to get him before me. so bleh-eh!

It's the first day of summer, and i'm bored already. i signed up for the whitney foundation academy today, and it'll take take place from june 23 to july 25, 5 days a week. i'm taking pre-algebra, and if it's too easy, i'll switch to algebra 1. it'll make my life more productive, even if i'm dreading it already.

i basically spent my day at towne center, reading 3 books at borders, buying myself a lunch of chicken wrapsalada from rubios, and a passion fruit juice w/ boba from tapioca express. yum, yum, yum. my day has concluded to where i am now. i plan on using the COW as my transportation, so i can go anywhere in cerritos, whenever i want. just bring some change. i also plan on making clothes.
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