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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day in the life of Cindy part 1

one of these days, folks, i may just write a screenplay of my own! here is a typical MORNING in the life of Cindy, in the format of a play:

cindy wakes up somewhere between 7:00 am and 7:30. opens eyes. blinks. pinches self to make sure self is awake. get up, eating breakfast.

ma: (in chinese) what are your plans for today?
me: i'm not sure.
ma: -grunt-

7:53, in bathroom, pooping. by 8 am, our bird clock time, sparrows start chirping, and i quickly run out of the bathroom, look frantically for book bag, and head out to whitney.

arrives in classroom 35, Algebra 1. manages not to get lost because it is the very first classroom one sees.

jonathon (boy sitting in front of me): hello.
me: hi.
jonathon: what did you do last night?
me: go to friend's house.
jonathon: what did you do afterwards?
me: nothing. live.
jonathon: oh.

mrs. kordova: alright class! i'm going to start taking role! by the way, did you notice that i'm wearing another math shirt today?
class: -silence-

proceeds with algebra functions until 9:00, class grows restless. break time.

random guy: hey, let's put allen in the locker again!
other guys: yeah! allen....
allen (very petite boy): okay, okay, just let me get my crunch bar so that i don't starve in there.

allen climbs into an orange locker, and let's rest of guys lock him in. stays in there until break time is over.

mrs. kordova: okay, guys, come on in! you guys are too noisy!

continues on with class.

10:00, everyone grows restless again. cindy watches nearby student graffiti on pencil case. 2nd break.

everyone goes to the student snack place. only a few people stay in the room, indluding me. i read my new book, THE SUPERNATURALIST. 10:10, break time over. everyone complains into class.

continue class until 11:00.
mrs. kordova: okay, it's 11:00. make sure to turn in your quiz. have your name on it. you can go.
(no homework)

i walk out whitney entrance, followed by carlos, a schoolmate, behind me. we make small talk.
carlos: so, eh, class was good today?
me: yeah, it was okay. much better then pre-al, though.
carlos: eh, really?
me: yeah.
-silence until we seperate-
me: see you tomorrow, then!
carlos: eh, bye.

be on the look out for pt 2!
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