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Sunday, December 7, 2008


today, while mama and i were shopping for new pants for me ( all my old ones are getting small), we passed by 2 Chic-fil-A s! First, at the Cerritos mall, and then at Long Beach towne center. and each time we passed by one, i would cry out, " EAT MOR CHIKIN!!!" and ma ma would say, " i think you look like a chicken. [我看你像个 chicken]"

in the end, mama and i only bought 3 pairs of pants for me, but we were hoping to also buy gifts for the world and a skating jacket for me that doesn't have an annoying hood that keeps flopping over my head when i attempt to do a flying camel spin, shielding my eyes so that i can't see where i'm spinning, and end up on my butt. (thankfully, with at least one butt pad on.)

also, while we were shopping at forever 21 today, i saw some of the cutest dresses and jackets/coats, one of them looking kind of like this:

however, i of course could never afford such luxury.

but that's okay, because i'm a smart kid, and i don't waste my money. i EAT MOR CHIKIN!
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