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Sunday, January 11, 2009


i am V. V happy right now because i just burned my first CD! it was so easy! took 3 minutes! it's a CD for 妈妈, she has a braces presentation coming up. I can't believe i never burned CD before. it's so much fun!!!!!

Chinese New Year is coming up soon, i think it's the 26th. Happy Year of the Ox, 姐鸡!

I just realized that there aren't many school days this month:

we had winter break up until the 5th; friday, the 9, we had a half day because of winter formal that night; next monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day = no school; and Next, Next, Next friday (the 30th), is a Student Free Day, where i will be visiting 姐鸡 and Colosseum in Vegas, watching KA with 妈妈 and Daddy!
So, in total, i only have 17 1/2 days of school this month!

By the way, i found out that the famous actress/singing skating girl at the rink is Jennette Mccurdy. She plays Sam on iCarly and has a movie and an album coming out. She's also been on A LOT of other tv shows and movies.

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