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Saturday, December 6, 2008


whitney is going great for me. i love almost all my teachers, and whitney. my classes are fun.. and blah blah blah.

today i was cleaning my desk that had been piled up with unknown materials 3 feet high. i found a pro's and con's chart i made in 6th grade about going to whitney:


  • close to home- can walk
  • looks good on college apps?
  • top 12 school of america
  • smart kids
  • 7th graders can see high school
  • good education.
  • Pressure/ stress
  • Not a lot of friends get in
  • strict teachers
  • extra homework / projects
  • too much homework
  • seniors pick on 7th graders.
Now that i look at my lists, it's really quite amusing! almost all the cons are untrue! there is actually less pressure and stress at whitney. In elementary school, i felt 10x more stressful because i wanted to be the best at writing (which is not such a bad thing) to get into whitney. but now i'm here! i have already established my expectations of myself in elementary school, so all of the hard work of meeting my expectations are over. i will forever be soaring above! :)

Also, Carmenita kids get about twice as much homework as we do! i was shocked at the amount we got, though it's probably just us, wittmann kids, because we were trained by the evil ms. lopez to have at least 5 hours of homework each day.

i think next year i will join the volleyball team. i really wanted to this year, but i didn't have time. perhaps, over the summer, i will plan all my activities so that i will be so organized that i will have to look for frustration. HEE HEE.

but now that i think about it, how can i fit volleyball into my hectic schedule? i have piano, skating, 古筝, and i would like to add art, violin, study time......... how does one fit so many activities in a mere 24 hours/ day, 7 days/ week, 4 weeks/ month, and only 12 months/ year? and pretty soon, i will have to apply for colleges, and when i get into college, i won't be able to do anything anymore....

which is why i have already begun studying for the SAT's. i know you're thinking that it's ironic and absolutely unnecessary, but i would rather be studying ironically ahead of time than be panicking in the future and trying to squeeze in all the studying 2 weeks before the test.

my fingers are just about freezing off the keyboard, so i think i will go warm them up under my butt. ciao!
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