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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chinese fetish

Since a few years ago, people have been saying things like, "Chinese is going to become an important language soon". or "lots of people are learning chinese for... blahb blha blah blah blah."
To me, Chinese wasn't very important, because i had learned to speak mandarin since i was a baby. and i went to chinese academies until 4th grade.
i hadn't realized the significance of the language until very recently. When i found out that several of my friends who weren't chinese had begun to learn the complicated language. My Korean friend is doing pretty well, and he can actually type chinese to me on the computer.

Since i hadn't practiced reading or writing in chinese since my departure of the dreadful chinese school, i can barely read, and almost can't write anymore.

but have no fear! when the cindy puts her mind to it, she learns! i am now reading chinese comic books, and i'd say i'm doing pretty well. i am rereading 西游记。
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