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Friday, July 25, 2008

doggy delima: A Day In The Life Of Cindy pt. 2

okay, i don't really know what delima means, but i'm guessing it means a problem? sitch? whatever.
here's the part two of screen play:

cindy stands in front of whitney, waiting for signal to cross the street. light turns green, cindy proceeds to cross, making sure to look high and mighty while 10 cars wait for single petite girl to walk. upon reaching the other side, cindy forgets to go through the neighborhood instead of big street. ends up running home, fingers white from pinching nose because of overwhelming smell of invisible dog doo doo somewhere.

all of a sudden, cindy spots an orange ball of fur. searches bag for emergency glasses. forgets about glasses because orange ball of fur is running away at a speed of approximately 10 steps a second. cindy uses superintelligent brain to decide to run after furball. shivers with joy when she finds that the furball is a miniature pomeranian, just as suspected. unfortunately, it has a collar. name: joey. number: --- --- ----. darn. wishes to keep him, instead. joey is intimadated by beastly size of cindy. cindy uses super animal skills to lure joey by crouching down to the same size as him (or attempting to), and choking from the smell of doo doo. wonders if it is joey.

cindy (in soothing voice): here joey, come here. where's your mommy? tell me where you live. where does your food stay?

joey (looking at cindy with trustful eyes): ......
cindy (petting and fluffing joey's thick coat): okay, take me to your house. you wanna show me your house, joey?

joey understands, and turns around, tiny legs walking 10 steps a second, fur poufing all around.
leads cindy to blue house, sits and waits for cindy to press the doorbell. joey starts panting and yipping with glee upon seeing chinese owner.

chinese lady (to cindy): 唉!你在那里找到 joey 的呀?[[Ai! where did you find joey, ya?]]
cindy(wondering how lady knew self was chinese): 我在-- [[i was--]]
chinese lady (to joey): 唉!你这个臭狗。上哪儿去了?[[ai! you little rotten dog. where did you go?]]
chinese lady (to cindy): thank you soo much! i've been calling everybody for over one hour, i was eating breakfast this morning, and i didn't see him. where did you find him?
cindy (surprised that chinese lady can speak english so well): err. he was on the street, and i was walking home, and i just found him. he brought me here.
chinese lady: oh thank you, thank you. ai. let me have your phone number. thank you so much for helping joey. ai. i was so worried. -creases brow-

cindy gives phone number to lady, feeling happy about self. calls daddy as soon as reaches home. tells daddy of the great journey. five minutes later, after failure in trying to reach 姐鸡, receives phone call from unknown number.

cindy: hullo?
chinese lady: hello? is this cindy?
cindy: oh yes.
chinese lady: oh, i just wanted to tell you how much i appreciated you helping joey come back home. i was so so worried about him. but you know, how did you find my house?
cindy: oh, actually, joey brought me there. at first, he was walking towards my street, and suddenly turned back, and took me to your house.
chinese lady: oh, i see. ai. i am so glad. maybe joey knows how to get home. but still, i appreciate your help so much. do you have any pets?
cindy: oh no, i've always wanted a dog, but i only have [705] fish.
chinese lady: oh. maybe we will go visit you this weekend, then. give me your address, and we will go see you. i think joey likes you -chuckles-. i have 2 sons too. maybe they would like to meet their doggy saver.

-end of part 2-
look out for part 3 =]].
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