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Friday, August 1, 2008


as most of you know already, we recently experienced a 5.4-magnitude earthquake here in southern california, with the epicenter in Chino Hills. This was pretty much the biggest and the only earthquake i have ever felt. i mean, i was just sitting here, where i am right now, in front of the computer, when suddenly, i heard metal or glass screeching downstairs. at first, i thought 小宇哥 was doing something funny downstairs, like making his computer blow up. however, i heard the back door close, so he went outside. immediately following, the entire house started shaking about a mile a minute! i could hear our chandeliers downstairs clinking together furiously, and the shelf of antiques and owls and monkeys started wobbling and fell off. all the while, i was so shocked that i didn't know what to do, so i just stood there, by the stairway, eyes wide as i stared at our entire while swaying back and forth. As quickly as it had started, it stopped.

I'm not superstitious or anything, but does anyone agree with me that it's a tad bit freaky that the last big earthquake we had was in CHINA, and now we get one in CHINO? what's next? chinu? chine? CERRITOS?? ahh!!!

alas! do not fear! although the scientist are 100% sure that we will have another BIG ONE within the next 30 years, 妈妈 and i have made careful safety procedures so that we will not die in the house. we put water bottles in every corner, bought lots of food (that we ate already D:), and had test runs. do not worry, we will only stay here for 10 years more. i shall make sure that 妈妈 and daddy are safe and sound when i am away to college.
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