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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Huancayo Day 1

I've just completed my first full day in Huancayo, Junín, Perú. Here are some shots from the balcony of the house:

Short summary of my day since I really need to go to bed now:

-6 hr car ride from Lima to Huancayo. Threw up and really had to go to the bathroom.
-Got to the house and had diarrhea.
-started drinking mate coca te (tea made from cocaine leaf)
-slept for a long time
-ate lunch and met the 3 other volunteers (Adele, Anna, Nicole). The food was great: potatoes, chicken, and rice
-went back to sleep
-ate dinner of fried banana, fried egg, bread, and sausage
-showered, had some downtime, internet-ed

now off to bed!

tomorrow I will go to the school at 8. so excited!
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