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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Huancayo Days 2 + 3

The internet got turned off yesterday before I could blog, but yesterday, I:

-went to Tinkuy Mountain School and sat in a bunch of the English classes.
-fell in love with the kinders. ¡que lindos!
-got rid of my headache
-watched Tino teach Anne how to weave
-drank brandy with coca leaf, herbs, and limón
-felt like i was on fire afterwards

Picture evidence below:

Today was even better than yesterday:

-1st period, there were only 2 girls because all the students had exams or vacation and did not attend school.
-watched the kinders put together an alphabet puzzle during recess
-got made fun of for my chinky eyes
-got asked a million times if I am from Japan
-drew in my notebook with Heidy
-went to Western Union Bank at the mall to exchange my dollars to soles
-bought some yogurt at the supermarket, cause I've barely had any dairy since I got here
-had an absolutely WONDERFUL 2nd period afternoon class. a few girls my age asked me to teach them Chinese during break, and then I stayed to teach my own class. We learned a few dining room phrases and discussed when to use "have been." Afterwards, we got talking and I ended up finding out that these girls are obsessed with KPop. It's mind-blowing. They know more Korean bands and songs than I do, and I'm Vice President of Korean Club....

El festival de Santiago is coming up, and it's the absolute biggest holiday/celebration in Huancayo. There will be partying and parades and music and Peruvian flags flying about and awesome festivities for the rest of the month! ¡Vive Perú!
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