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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Huancayo Day 8

Fabulous day today. School was good. Something weird that happened today (i'm going to copy and paste my emails to Vivian & Jieji):

today samara and i went to the mall after school and on the way home, we got kinda lost and then this peruvian kid started stalking us and we were like wtf and we walked faster and he walked faster and then we stopped and let him pass us and then he walked REALLY slowly in front of us and kept looking at us. and then we crossed the street and he crossed the street and we stopped to look at a cat and he came closer and hid behind a pole and then he kept following us into the neighborhood and we were like wtf and there was a party across the street and men were drunk and yelling and we were like oh shit and we ran inside the house and watched the boy from the window and he was just standing outside... SO CREEPY ;__;

But other than that, Josy brought a bunch of nail polish to school and we had a nail-painting party and all the kids (boys included) were fascinated with the nail polish. Everyone demanded manicures. Even the boys.


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