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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Huancayo Day 9

Had another awesome day with the girls! We blame everything on the altitude. Feeling sick? Blame it on the altitude. Too hot? Blame it on the altitude. Can't finish your food? Blame it on the altitude....

I sing horribly but loudly with Samara and Cody at school and at home. Oh, last night Samara and I rapped to Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and performed for Mari & her daughters and Josy & Cody in the dining room with big wooden spoons. Video proof down below.

Today at school, we made friendship bracelets with Josy's kit as well as played concentration. For our last period (4:40 PM) class, Cody and I taught them American idioms! Very useful. Tomorrow we will begin our Tinkuy Peru Juegos Olímpicos! Each volunteer is a country and has their own team. I'm representing South Korea! :D yay so excited.

We just finished watching "The Princess Bride." It was so tiring. Everyone but Cody is asleep in their own rooms now. Ugh I have to catch up on my APUSH homework and ACT studying and math shit that I brought to do...... sigh T_T. oH WELL I'D RATHER HAVE FUN HERE THAN REGRET SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME WORKING.

Oh I don't think I mentioned this before, but I started taking Spanish lessons with Lesly (Tino's niece) during my lunch breaks, and I've learned SO much from 3 lessons...... I learned all of the indicative tenses, haha! I'm so happy because now I get to use my new-found knowledge in conversation and I feel so much more fluent.

Okay video/pictures:

PS. Sad August! ): Can't believe time flies so quickly.

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