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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Huancayo Day 9!!!!!!!!

Today was definitely the best day of my entire existence.

Morning was great:

-Played Capture The Flag with the kids at school for 3 hours.

Lunch was good as usual:

-But also tried a Tuna (the fruit) for the first time.

Afternoon was exciting:

-Chose teams for our Olympics games. Hehe I have the best team. We drew flags and planned.

Night was definitely UNEXPECTED:

-On the walk home, we joined a party on the street. As soon as we entered the vicinity of the party,  random people started to come up to me and ask for pictures. Adele told them that I'm a famous Chinese singer. So now I have loads of pictures with strange Peruvian men and women. Drank beer out of the same cup as a million other Huancainos. Danced with random Peruvians. Made weird dance sounds. Learned about protecting self from strange men

-Went home to an excellent meal of fried egg, sausage, fried banana, and rice.

-Went to go get "tres leche" cake and sat and ate it at a bunch in the middle of the plaza.

-Started to sing "My heart will go on" on the bench. Decided we should go to the Karaoke just to sing that and leave.

-Walked to the Karaoke place but it was closed.

-Sang on the streets and pretended to be a soap opera instead.

-Decided to sing for money in the middle of the plaza and made complete fools of ourselves but actually got paid 1 sol by a man and then the man took us to his friends. We sang "Happy Birthday" to his friend Miguel and they tried to take us out for drinks but we kindly declined. Then Samara and I rapped "Super Bass" in a separate corner of the plaza and just made complete fools of ourselves without getting money. Video is uploading on Youtube right now. My subscribers are gonna be like wtf. 111 more minutes.

-Came home, legs are completely sore, had the best day of my existence.

I love Peru and my fellow volunteers. I feel like throwing up right now though due to too much food, cake, and beer.

Pictures and video:

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