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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Huancayo Day 19

Today was a very relaxed day for us 3 volunteers left.

In the morning, until 12:30 PM, I basically worked on my computer with furthering some ideas for my future project and looking at some different non-profit organizations. I also noticed exactly how dry my skin is. I apply moisturizer and sunscreen to my face multiple times a day, yet I've developed dark patches of dryness all over. It really hurts. ):

At 12:30, we went for our Ceviche Sunday lunch. This time, we got a small portion of ceviche as well as a fried chicken thing. The chicken came with a human hair fried into it. Yum. The man forgot about our lemonade, so wee sat there drinking a litre of lemonade before paying the bill and leaving.

After lunch, Samara and I went to our last Sunday Market, while Adele went to the school to do some cleaning. Tomorrow we plan on lecturing the kids on various topics, because they haven't been acting their best recently, and some of the kids who we're friends with on Facebook made inappropriate comments on our pictures, and we need to let them know that that's not okay. Like I said before, we're planning on handing out clothes to the kids on Wednesday, but we can't do that unless they know that they have to have good behavior, otherwise we'd be rewarding them for bad behavior - not what we're going for.

Anyways, at the Sunday Market, Samara and I encountered the most intriguing thing on display yet. As we passed by it, all I thought was, "Wow that's a really strange stuffed animal to display on the table, but okay."

"Oh my god is that thing alive?!" Samara gasped. I really thought she was crazy or being sarcastic. And then it moved.

It literally looks like R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size) from The Princess Bride. It's nocturnal, really slow, looks drunk, drinks chicha de maize (purple drink), and is pretty much repulsive, in my humble opinion. Its owner also informed us that it's the mascot of the University of Toronto. I took a video of it, so I might upload onto Youtube later and become famous for it.

After finishing buying all of our gifts (finally) and going broke, Samara and I treaded back home with our crap to get more money. Since I only brought USD with me, we had to go back to the mall so that I could exchange it for soles, but the annoying thing is that the banks here don't accept bills that have any flaws. No rips, no tears, no random markings. My bills have been rejected several times due to small rips and tears, but this time it was the random markings that deferred them. So I had to borrow money from Samara, and then go buy my bus ticket to Lima.

On Wednesday night, at 11:15 PM, I will be taking a bus from Huancayo to Lima, arriving in Lima at around 7 AM, and then hanging around the airport until my flight at 12:50 PM. Hopefully I'll just make friends with the random travelers around me.

After getting home, chillin', eating dinner, we're now going to go out and get cake. (=
Life here is so good. Wish I could stay here forever.

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