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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Huancayo Day 12

You may have noticed by now that I write my blog in Spanish some days and English others. Today is an English day because it would be too difficult to explain in Spanish. And I'd have to use Google Translate for every other word. Anyways, today was a fantastic day. Here ye, here ye:

In the morning:

Samara, Josy, Cody, and I went to Parque de Identidad Wanka. Everything there is made of stone and the most exciting part is that you can pay 5 soles to dress up in their traditional Peruvian wear and walk around the park and take pictures.

So the funniest thing happened... Josy and I were the first ones to finish dressing so we went out and started to take pictures of each other. After about 2.5 shots, a group of strangers came up to us and asked to take pictures with us. Okay, fine, people always ask to take pictures with us just 'cause we're foreigners anyways. Then, as we were taking pictures with several groups, more people flocked towards us and before seconds had passed, we had the entire population of the park gathered around us, taking pictures of us, trying to take pictures with us, and video taping us. Then for the rest of our stay at the park, people kept stalking us. So annoying. We definitely got our taste of being celebrities.

In the afternoon:

We went to a nearby restaurant to eat ceviche for lunch. It was amazing. Raw-ish fish cooked in lime juice. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. Then, we walked to the weekly Sunday market. This time, we bought so much crap. I'm not sure if I got enough gifts for everyone, but I definitely got a lot... and I bought loads for myself, it's ridiculous. I now have 5 new bags. Or rather, 2 of them were obviously used but they look vintage and I love them.

Samara and I stopped by the mall on the way home and got leche ice cream, which tastes exactly like the Lúcuma ice cream; we were so confused. We also sat and watched a bit of the Olympics on the DirecTV screen in the middle of the mall. Annoying couple PDA-ing next to us -___-

In the evening:

Samara and Josy went to go get pizza from La Cabaña (where I got drunk & threw up at, so I didn't go get the pizza LOL), while Cody, Adele, and I went to go buy ingredients at the daily market for guacamole. Guacamole Sundays. Dinner was delicious and we all ate until our bellies hurt. Now we are going to make medals and prepare for the Olympics that we're having at school. Turns out we have 126 medals to make. Great. We might watch Wuthering Heights while working.

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