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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Huancayo Day 22 teachers rant

Teachers all over Peru have gone on strike and are causing much turmoil. Of course, the teachers are rioting because they want higher wages. Not only do I strongly disapprove of such actions from educators, but they are taking extremely unnecessary measures to prevent their students from learning. And for what? For their own greed and self-satisfaction. It's gotten to the point where some teachers are throwing rocks at anyone who dares enter or go near the school. The children here aren't like the ones we see at home. These kids want to go to school. They'd much rather be at school, taking a test, than get beaten at home or forced to do a tremendous amount of chores. For many, school is the only place where they are safe and happy.

How dare these teachers, educators, mentors, role-models for the children refuse the right for such eager students to learn? SMFH. Are they not ashamed of themselves? And what are they going to say in a few months, when the strike is over? "Oh sorry, Johnny, for hitting you with a rock the other day. I just didn't want you to go to school so that I could get some more money. Oh and you don't remember what we did 2 months ago? Oops, my bad for not allowing you to learn anything while I was busy being greedy."

Ugh. They disgust me.

Meanwhile, I'm mostly all packed to leave... I still can't get around the fact that in 7 hours, I'll be on the bus to Lima. And then the airplane to Los Angeles. And then home. I'm anticipating lots of tears at the end of the afternoon classes, on the bus, at the airport, at the other airport, and at home.
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