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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Huancayo Day 15

I've probably already said this in another post, but today was the best day of my entire existence.

Since I'm so superlatively exhausted, like I usually am by the end of the day here, I will merely attempt to sum up the extraordinaries of today:

-Planned on taking a hike with a bunch of the kids (whoever wanted to come) to Torre Torre, this cool reddish rock formation in the mountains near school.
-Changed our plans and decided to hike up to a waterfall instead, with the kids as our tour guides.
-Took FOREVER to get there. Was one of the most tiring, dangerous, and thrilling hikes I've ever experienced.
-My heart smiled because of how cute the kids were, especially the older boys. It's funny how I call them kids when they're only a year or two younger than I am. Abel, Brayan, and Justi all held our the Misses' hands to help us over the river rocks and were just so gentlemen-like. Ahhhh wanted to die from seeing the cuteness. Totally have a crush on all of them.

-Went back to school at 2 PM for Day 2 and final day of the Olympic games.
-GUESSSS WHOOOO WON?!?!?1? THAT'S RIGHT, MY TEAM, TEAM SOUTH KOREA WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! So freaking proud of my bebes. Ugh totally going to be a soccer mom when I grow up. My kids are just the best in the world.

-Got empanadas at this one bakery. So yummy.
-Went shopping for food and supplies for tomorrows' closing ceremony.
-Came home, ate one of my favorite meals (the egg and sausage and fried banana), and made fail sushi for tomorrow.

SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR TOMORROW EEEEEK. On a sadder note, tomorrow is Josy & Cody's last day. I was talking to Cody about it, and it's likely that we'll never see each other again in our lifetimes. Time to sing "For Good" to each other from Wicked.

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