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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


cough. sneeze. scratches face. scratches arms. scratches legs. scratches head. wrinkles nose.

those are typical signs that you have allergies. Or you just discovered that you are allergic to a fat cat. yeah, this past long weekend, i found out that i was allergic to 范阿姨's used-to-be-small-but-now-pregnant-looking-orange fat cat. five minutes from departing their house, i was sneezing the whole time in the car, while very sure that i WAS allergic to that cute big demon. even though jie ji and colosseum didn't really believe me. and then, when i got back home, i got bumps or hives on my face, so daddy had to take me to walgreens and buy some wal-dryl (benadryl knock-off). A few minutes later, i was fine.

But still, it is quite a mystery, because i have always played with the stray cats around the neighborhood, and never have i had an allergic reaction. Pearl said that it's probably just something that happens when you get older. >:(

great. now i can't have a cat anymore (not that i was really planning on it). at least i can still eat melons, nuts, and bananas, unlike pearl.
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