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Friday, April 10, 2009

April and Last Day of School

April is a crazy month for people in school. You start off with a three day weekend, then comps, then spring break, which started today, and the following week is STAR testing. I'm really worried about my testing in Algebra this year, because i'm afraid i won't get a 600 perfect score again. I have a good reason to be worried because for the past couple of days, we've been taking practice tests. and about 40% of the time, i have no idea what i'm doing because i forgot everything from chapters 2 - 10. out of 11. So, for my spring break, i shall be reviewing everything in my math book.

On the last day of my 7th grade year at Whitney High School, our class of 2014 is planning a beach activity, so we get to go off campus for the whole day! Too bad i won't be going. Instead, i'll be on a 13 hour flight to Shenyang, China, puking my guts out. I'm so excited! Not. I don't remember if i mentioned this before, but i'll be in China for 2 1/2 months this summer, where i will be studying math, practicing piano, practing 古筝, practicing violin, possibly drawing, possibly dancing, 5 days a week. And when i have time, i get to go skating, and possibly find a coach. IF I CAN EVEN FIND AN ICE RINK!! but despite this very packed schedule and mostly unappealing activites, i hope that this summer will be a little fun and be a good experience for me.

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