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Saturday, May 23, 2009

International Day 09

Yesterday was International day at school. We finished all our classes at 11:40 AM and started eating and having fun! There were food booths lined up all around the school, with food from different cultures. Too bad everything was so darn expensive!! I got a bowl of Pad Thai for 6 tickets ($3), and i wanted to get something to drink. I really really wanted boba, only that was 6 tickets as well. I only had 4 tickets left. So i ended up getting a root beer float.

It was going all well for my friend, Linda, and i while we were walking back to our lunch area, inside the school. Before we had even begun eating, there were our security people, James and Joe, coming to kick us out because there was AP testing and they wanted to clean the hallways. I suddenly panicked and dropped my root beer float, and a third of it went on the carpet, another third went onto Linda's cookie, and the other was safe.

The rest of lunch went okay. We found a table to sit at, and joined our other friends, Michelle, Bianca, and Jasmine. I finished the last of my sad float and Linda's soggy cookie (she didn't want it anymore).

We proceeded to go the the black top where the dances would start at around 1:15. Jasmine, Shiree, and I secured our front row seets by putting our backpacks there. Jasmine and i went to go play in the grass and when we came back, some very rude people -cough, cough, Justyn and Tahnee- took our seats. Not wanting to ruin the happy mood, Jasmine and I graciously left to sit somewhere else. we still had front row seats, but while we sat there for about an hour, my butt was burning up. The sun was not at all kind to us and it forcefully pounded onto our backs. It really sucked because in a lot of the Chinese and Korean dances, they had fans, which they didn't even use! >:(

Our class cultural dances didn't win. We didn't even place. But neither did the Seniors. >:) hehehe.
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