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Monday, February 6, 2012

fun fun fun day

I never thought I could be so happy one day after a break up from a relationship of almost 11 months.

Today was National Frozen Yogurt Day, so Yogurtland decided to give out free yogurt from 4-7 PM. Isaac and I biked to Judy's house at 5-ish and we ate ramen and watched TV and studied Human for an hour and a half, until Allen and Ralph and Isabel came and picked us up and we speeded to Yogurtland at  6:30. The line was freaking long, and we were really unsure of whether or not we would make the cut before 7 PM. Luckily, we got through the door at around 6:58 and we were sosososososo happy :D. At least, me, Judy, and Isaac were. The worker at the door who was handing us the specially made Frozen Yogurt Day cups asked us to not fill it over the rim with yogurt. I honestly tried to not let it overflow, but it did anyways. =/ I felt a little guilty, but IT'S OKAY! More yogurt for me :D! After that i was completely content with life, and we went back to Judy's house. Ralph and Allen played a prank on me and made me think that my bike got stolen, and I really believed them for a really long time... Luckily, they merely hid it in Judy's backyard and I had a bike after all! Isaac and I started biking back home at around 8:10 PM and it was really dark and kind of scary... Luckily, Isaac was there to make sure I didn't crash and he saved the day by picking up my special Yogurtland cup that I dropped while I was biking. I'm gonna keep that cup as a souvenir of this grand day until next year, when I get another one :D I even washed it at Judy's house so that it wouldn't get moldy. heheheohoheohoehoeh. what a fine day.

oh yeah, the best part about it was that we had almost no hw, which permitted me to engage in such activities. ^___^
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