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Monday, March 21, 2011


I realize that I've disappeared from Blogger for a while. (I haven't posted in in almost a month!) I have to say though, I've been quite distracted.... (:

I'm really happy now, though. The problem is that I'll have big consequences. But I'm happy right now, so all is well!

I have the sinking feeling that I might not do so well on my Piano CM test this coming Saturday, but I'm in such an optimistic mood right now that I'm completely calm. I'm loving this feeling. (: (: (:

I'm also still doing my tumblr challenge as well! YAAAAAAAY!

Oh yeah I'm 15 now. I turned on Saturday. My parents still haven't said "Happy birthday" to me yet, but it's okay. I know they love me, regardless of their words. Or lack of words. See my brief and vague schedule of my birthday here:
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