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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why do I care? A few random thoughts...

There are countless numbers of subjects that I would rather not know about. And sometimes it's a lot easier to ignore them, pretend I don't know, or just not do anything.

I don't like knowing about scary things like cancer or murders on the news. They don't relate to me, and I can't do anything about them. So why should I care? It's easier to just ignore them, to tell myself that none of those things would ever affect me.

I don't want to know about people smoking, or even worse, doing drugs. It would be a lot easier if I didn't care. After all, if people want to gradually kill themselves, who am I to give a fuck? Why is it that I can't stop picturing them throwing their cigarettes on the ground and leaving? And this never ending guilt because I didn't tell them to pick up their shit.

Maybe everything would just be a lot easier if I didn't care so much about life. People die everyday; people I never knew, never cared about. I never shed a tear for them. Should I? What difference would it make?

Yet, I would mourn for eternity if any of my beloved friends and family left. Just one person, and my whole world would be different. But it's just one person.

As always, I think too much.
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