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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Helllooo Dance & the weekend

I love dances. They're always the best for a number of reasons:

-You can go crazy and scream and yell and dance around, and no one will think you're insane because everyone is doing the same.

-GREAT stress reliever, especially with friends.

-Get to meet and dance with people you usually don't talk to at school.

-Excercise! I'm sore right now!

However, I made a sad realization last night that this was technically my first high school dance. I know that most people would be ecstatic to be attending their first 'real' dance, but that's not the case with me. It's just one dance closer to the last high school dance.

I know I'm getting more and more pessimistic these days, but I can't help it )=

Ah vell.

Time to do homework....................... Piano in 4 hours. Haven't practiced all week. aaaaahhhh!
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