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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I really meant this whole time...

Since (insert date that I can't remember here), I've been saying that I wish I could go back in time, wish I had more time, wish to trade everything to relive middle school.

Perhaps I never meant that. Maybe this whole time I've just been wanting to be ignorant again.

Sometimes I'm extremely jealous of my friends, and everyone younger than me. A vast majority of them are naive, young, and... ignorant. I never really understood that word until recently- it was one of those words I just skimmed across while reading- half ignoring, half not caring. Ignorance was a topic discussed in class, with me not paying attention and (again) not caring... But I've finally come to realize what people mean by "Ignorance is bliss".

People are born with ignorance, of course. No one comes into this world knowing everything- all the good, but more importantly, the bad and the ugly. I believe that this time, last year, I was still blissfully ignorant, happy, and pretty satisfied with life. I didn't really care when all the adults complained about how fast each year was going by, how oooolldd they were getting.

Whenever I try to talk to my mom about this stuff, she tells me to stop talking. She said I shouldn't be thinking these things at such a young age. She says how, when she was my age, and even older, she didn't think very much about topics I ponder on. I think she wishes I were still ignorant too.
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