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Monday, December 27, 2010

Self Examination and Inkpop

Sometimes I feel guilty about being friends with people. Maybe not for actually being friends with them, but my reasons for being friends with them. Sometimes I feel like I'm friends with people, or show displays of friendship in public just for attention, or because I want something from that friendship. I hate to think of myself that way, but I can't deny some truth in it. =/

Anyway, I just finished reading a very cute story from, a site where aspiring writers (who are mostly teens) publish their completed or uncompleted novels, short stories, poems, etc. The novel I just read is here: I don't really agree with the ending, but it is a cute story.

PS. Jimmy and I decided that we're going to marry each other if we're both single at 40. I know that sounds odd, and maybe even unlikely (because I'm pretty sure he's gonna be married before then), but I might not be married by then. Whatever; I still have Jasmine and Maria, along with our 127 dogs and chickens. )=
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