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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tumblr Challenge Day 3

In case you've been wondering, yes, I know it's probably been past 30 days already, but, no, I haven't given up yet.

Day 3:
5 Things that irritate you about the opposite sex/ same sex.

I guess I'll do both.

Opposite sex:
1. When boys act differently with their guy friends. You think you know someone and then you see them with their friends. It's so weird.
2. When they get ugly hair cuts. I know this sounds shallow, but sometimes I stop talking to people because of their hair. UGLY HAIR IS JUST SO DISTRACTING that I can't talk to them anymore! ):
3. When they try to act like gangsters, especially at school. Seriously, we're all nerds.
4. When they show off how rich they are. Well, I would hate that about anyone.
5. When they try to sing to you (especially in public!!) but they're really bad at singing. (Just kidding, I can't really think of anymore...)

Same sex:
1. When girls gossip. Boys tend to gossip less (not saying that they don't), but girls are just so mean! You think they're sweet and nice little girls, and then you sit in a bus with them in Washington DC when they're not with their "friends", and they start talking shit about everyone!
2. When girls do things to promote their popularity.
3. When girls tell other girls from different schools that they are popular at their school. especially when they're not. I remember in the beginning of 7th grade, my friend from Carmenita asked me if my friend from Whitney (we all came from the same elementary school) was really popular. It turned out the Whitney girl was telling everyone at Carmenita that she became popular. Please.
4. When you go shopping with them and they purposely say expensive things are cheap, to show off that they're rich. We're Asian. We're cheap. Stop that. If you honestly think that a $50 shirt from A&F is cheap, then I won't accept you as a true Asian anymore! (Just kidding, but seriously -__-)
5. When they act dumb, but they're really not. So many girls at school purposely present themselves as stupid people, just to get attention/ be funny/ attract guys?!

That's it for now. Don't take anything I said seriously.
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