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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Annoyance and Pretty People

I know I am easily irritable, and I know I have a short temper. I try not to blame it on PMS, and I try not to be mad, but sometimes it's just too darn hard. Why are people so annoying? What's worse is that they don't know they're annoying me, and I feel bad for being annoyed since they're not doing it on purpose.

I don't want to start naming people because things did not turn out well when I was all too honest back in 6th grade. Let's just say that Winter Formal plans are making me annoyed.

Maybe it's because I have that strange need to always be right, and to always have things go my way. If you haven't noticed, I'd say about 80% of the time, I always have people agree with me, and end up doing things my way. Perhaps it's because I'm the youngest in the family, and everyone spoils me, etc etc etc. And to be blatantly honest, people tend to like people who are pretty. It's quite unfair. That's why most pretty people are bitches. I'm not trying to say that I think I am pretty, but I know that some people think I am. And it's weird, because once one person thinks a certain way, people around them just start agreeing, and before you know it, a majority of the population will all think like that. (did that make any sense?) For example, there's this horridly ugly (inside and out) boy in our grade, who everyone thinks is attractive. He's not nice, he's not cute, but at the beginning of 7th grade, some girl probably started crushing on him, and so everyone else started noticing him, and pretty soon, A LOT of girls started liking him. And they still like him. It's quite disgusting.

SO ANYWAY, my point? I shouldn't be annoyed, but I am.
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